Like Daughter Like Mother

Teacher Boo where have you been with your blog? Okay, I know, I know! I have been slacking on my gypsy life in a truly unforgivable way. Jesus what was the last thing I wrote about? Bangkok? Well, the weekend after that I stayed in town and the weekend was such nonevent that I literally cannot remember enough to write about it. But do not fret! There are … Continue reading Like Daughter Like Mother

Same Ol’ Lampang and Dance

Let’s get to some traveling, shall we? Friday passed pretty quickly because I was anticipating my impending mini-vacation to Lampang. I say mini because Lampang is basically our neighbor. It’s only about 2 hours south of Phrae. And I wish that I could say there was some travel drama, but unfortunately for the drama queens following this blog…there was not. In fact, Bri and I figured out … Continue reading Same Ol’ Lampang and Dance

Brenna’s Continued Obsession With Chiang Mai

I’ve been getting so many nice comments about the content of my last blog post. So thanks you guys. Makes me consider maybe writing philosophically about travel more often?! That being said, I do have to continue the ongoing Thai narrative or else you will be lost way behind. Let’s dive in, shall we? With complete terror and apprehension I approached the head of the … Continue reading Brenna’s Continued Obsession With Chiang Mai

The Inefficiency of Thai Brooms: And Other Random Things

   I notice when I blog I tend to write mostly about the things that are going on. What I’m do, where I’m going, who I’m meeting. Etc. But sometimes just the little nuances fall through the cracks in my pursuit of concise, riveting storytelling. But no longer! This post is exclusively about the little things. You are welcome. I would like to comment on … Continue reading The Inefficiency of Thai Brooms: And Other Random Things

When I Try To Take A Beach Vacation

This is the story of the first in-country trip while living in Thailand.  And what lucky place gets to receive us first?     Pattaya! So the day of the “Brenna has to stay in Thailand a whole year” fiasco I got the confirmation text from Kim that we were a go for a trip to Pattaya. Kim (pictured in the middle) lives in Phrae with … Continue reading When I Try To Take A Beach Vacation