Land Of Smiles: Some Similes

Twice a week last semester and every single day this semester (because Thepnaree is intense) I had to take my kids to morning assembly. Let me set the scene for you a bit. It’s 8 in the morning. We’re standing in straight lines. It’s myself, Bri, our favorite new young Thai teacher Kru Gkik, teacher Bell (the lively Filipino math teacher I really love) left to control … Continue reading Land Of Smiles: Some Similes

The Thepnaree Christmas Show

Considering the incredible amount of effort that was put into producing this Thepnaree Bilingual Program Annual Christmas Show…I’d say that it deserves it’s own blog post. If only to gratify the literally countless class periods that were stolen from me in order to let these kids practice for their Christmas show. Which ended up being 2-3 hours every day for these last 2 weeks. And Teacher Boo even got … Continue reading The Thepnaree Christmas Show