Sing A Song For Singapore

(This is actually my second time writing this blog post, so I’m sorry if the second time around I lose a bit of the hilarity) I was supposed to present a Malaysian poem this weekend, but when Lenny and Mia came saying “Let’s going to Singapore” I was like “Sorry Malaysian poem, I have better places to be”. And honestly, thank god someone wanted to go. … Continue reading Sing A Song For Singapore

What The Rest Of My Abroad Time Looks Like

Last Week of School: What’s on the agenda? After this last week of classes we have a week long study break! That means that Emilie, Lenny, me, and Ha Sang (the crazy Korean) are spending it in Myanmar (Burma)! We have no plans and no clue! 2 Days! Then I have 2 weeks of finals! Basically like a final every other day for 2 weeks. I am the last person with … Continue reading What The Rest Of My Abroad Time Looks Like

Happenings At KAB

Well, in addition to going traveling about every weekend, I have also been doing normal things around Tanjung Malim. That’s right: normal! The everyday things in Malaysia have become so normal to me that I don’t really even blog about them anymore. So I thought I would do that now! 1. Volleyball! The internationals have started up games of volleyball on the courts at night! We just all really … Continue reading Happenings At KAB

I Must Write About Taman Negara

Before I Write ABout Last Weekend In Singapore… I must write about Taman Negara.  Before I Skype Marah and before I attempt yet another futile game of 2048 and even before I struggle through the last terrible pages of my new zombie book, I must catch up on this god dang blog. Yes I know. Brenna was so diligent about blogging at the beginning of the year. … Continue reading I Must Write About Taman Negara

I Paid 50 Ringitt For Water and Other Random Things

We spent the day on Friday in KL. I bypassed a weekend in Kapas because I really really wanted to go to KL and eat tacos and see a movie. We got tacos and the tacos were amazing, but the son of a bitch waiter brought us water in a fancy glass bottle and little did we know that the freaking water was 25 ringitt each! … Continue reading I Paid 50 Ringitt For Water and Other Random Things

A Langkawi Beach Vacation

We were craving a beach! So a beach we would have. After spending the first weekend after spring break doing essentially nothing besides catching up on sleep and schoolwork, we were ready to go somewhere fun for the weekend. We had heard of Langkawi, which is an island up north, and best part it’s DUTY FREE! This means (unlike the freaking rest of Malaysia) liquor and chocolate are super cheap!  … Continue reading A Langkawi Beach Vacation