On The Way To Myanmar

As promised, I spent the week before finals, not studying, and instead taking a lovely vacation to the newly opened country of Myanmar! Oh the tales of Myanmar (which used to be Burma!) Alright. So the first part of this story is called: The Hours Brenna Goes Without Sleep  Let us count them.  So it’s thursday and our classes are cancelled because the Sultan of Perak (the … Continue reading On The Way To Myanmar

What The Rest Of My Abroad Time Looks Like

Last Week of School: What’s on the agenda? After this last week of classes we have a week long study break! That means that Emilie, Lenny, me, and Ha Sang (the crazy Korean) are spending it in Myanmar (Burma)! We have no plans and no clue! 2 Days! Then I have 2 weeks of finals! Basically like a final every other day for 2 weeks. I am the last person with … Continue reading What The Rest Of My Abroad Time Looks Like

Happenings At KAB

Well, in addition to going traveling about every weekend, I have also been doing normal things around Tanjung Malim. That’s right: normal! The everyday things in Malaysia have become so normal to me that I don’t really even blog about them anymore. So I thought I would do that now! 1. Volleyball! The internationals have started up games of volleyball on the courts at night! We just all really … Continue reading Happenings At KAB

I Must Write About Taman Negara

Before I Write ABout Last Weekend In Singapore… I must write about Taman Negara.  Before I Skype Marah and before I attempt yet another futile game of 2048 and even before I struggle through the last terrible pages of my new zombie book, I must catch up on this god dang blog. Yes I know. Brenna was so diligent about blogging at the beginning of the year. … Continue reading I Must Write About Taman Negara