Land Of Smiles: Some Similes

Twice a week last semester and every single day this semester (because Thepnaree is intense) I had to take my kids to morning assembly. Let me set the scene for you a bit. It’s 8 in the morning. We’re standing in straight lines. It’s myself, Bri, our favorite new young Thai teacher Kru Gkik, teacher Bell (the lively Filipino math teacher I really love) left to control … Continue reading Land Of Smiles: Some Similes

Stereotypical Philosophical Travel Post

Why travel? I’ve been going over in my head, trying to think about what exactly pulls people to travel. (And by ‘people’ I kind of mean backpacking young people, not like old couples who take cruises. This post doesn’t apply to them). And I think because I have spent a considerable amount of time blogging about traveling, I have earned one of those cliché, white … Continue reading Stereotypical Philosophical Travel Post