Finding Home

Falling in love in a coffee shop It’s nearing a year anniversary from the last time I checked into this gypsy story. And the story left off with a 20-something english-teacher/documentary-grad/slightly-less-clueless-than-a-year-previous getting on a plane to leave the Thai town that had been my home for a year. It’s been over a year since I first had the feeling that I was finishing up my … Continue reading Finding Home

Land Of Smiles: Some Similes

Twice a week last semester and every single day this semester (because Thepnaree is intense) I had to take my kids to morning assembly. Let me set the scene for you a bit. It’s 8 in the morning. We’re standing in straight lines. It’s myself, Bri, our favorite new young Thai teacher Kru Gkik, teacher Bell (the lively Filipino math teacher I really love) left to control … Continue reading Land Of Smiles: Some Similes