A New Gypsy Life

Disclaimer: This blog post was started a few weeks ago so it’s sort of an “end of the year” post that I pushed over into a “beginning of the year” post. 


I have been meaning to get back to my blog, but the fact of the matter with blogging is the longer you wait to dive back in the harder it is because there is just so much more to cover.

It is the end of 2018 my friends, and interesting year I’d say and one of much growth and focus and wish-fulfillment on my part.

So where am I at as 2019 comes at me?

Now, that’s an interesting question. 



I am living in a very well-decorated room and an apartment in Larkspur, CA with my roommate Emmett who is probably my closest new Marin friend. I am about 20 minutes away from my mom. 10 minutes away from my coffee shop. And 5 minutes away from my very favorite vegan restaurant.


Oh, Veggie Grill, how I praise the god that placed you so near to my door, but also curse the devil who made your food so delicious and also so expensive. 

No one said Marin was cheap.

I am 45 minutes and one beautiful drive across the Golden Gate Bridge away from San Francisco. A trip I take every couple weeks, usually to meet a friend, take someone sight-seeing or to blow my money money on my very favorite hippie-thrift-vintage-weirdo street (it’s Haight)

I am 15 minutes away from my new job, which leads me to the following…



I am thoroughly exhausted at the end of each week due to the very high pressure I put on myself to entertain 400 TK-2nd graders with Music.

To those who are yet unaware, I spend 4 days of my week at school teaching elementary music and dance. Something that brings me simultaneously immense joy and immense stress.

But not to fret, because I am blessed with amazing opportunities to chill.the.fuck.out.

I am in my very favorite chill Yin yoga class and I’m literally crying because it just dawns on me “All of my problems are because of me”

It’s so hard for me to be a teacher because I’m constantly trying to make sure the kids are happy and the teachers are happy and the parents are happy, and oh my goodness Brenna. 

Thank god I have room for clarity in my life because it’s so easy to get wound up

I am mentally challenging myself everyday not to aim for perfection, not to worry about stupid shit, let myself make mistakes, and better yet let myself love my fucking job. 

My students are so fucking sweet. And watching 60 6-year-olds get on stage and dance to the Justin Bieber version of “Santa Clause is Coming to Town” is fucking magical. 

And hell yes it’s good for me to send some kids to the principal’s office. Got to get some of that discipline up in my brain.

Mentally, I am also killing the game because I have invited one other magical new element:



I am officially a certified laughter yoga leader and I swear there isn’t much that makes me feel happier.

Mom and I got certified together and with the help of our fellow teacher-trainer we have started a free yoga club in the park outside of my coffee shop.

I did my first laughter yoga class in Chiang Mai with mom and for some reason I never forgot it. Still, when I went to get certified my rational brain was still telling me “this is silly and stupid and just for shits”

Until I actually got into the science and history of the practice and more importantly I actually got into the practice of laughter yoga. And the transformation from the beginning of a 45 min laughing session to the end is phenomenal. 

There’s really something about making a fool of myself in a public park every Sunday to really take the edge off of life.

What is the point of taking life so seriously? 


And the laughter yoga bleeds into the third and most important element of my current state of the union:



I am growing daily. Aided by the laughter yoga, hippie dance sessions, Hoffman practices and occasional psychedelic drugs.

I was reflecting on this blog and how so much of it has been the gypsy nature of my life and the places I have been.

If you’re a loyal reader of my blog you may remember the summarizing post I made as I left Southeast Asia about the end to my hero journey and I was actually having the conversation this weekend about how that trip book-ended what truly felt like a chapter in my life.

I haven’t really been blogging since I’ve moved to Marin, but this chapter is also bringing so much growth and joy and change. Just as much as being in a foreign country, but in a new more grown-up and profound way.

So instead of ending my gypsy blog and transitioning to another chapter, I’m just going to shift the meaning of my gypsy life.

I can feel the time of constant moving coming to a close and the time of deeper relationships and closeness coming into my life. But not to worry dear readers, I have not lost the gypsy spirit. 

And so I pledge to move through my life with a gypsy heart and a gypsy mind. I strive to be open to new people and to new perspectives. I hope to attract new relationships and new opportunities. I aim to be flexible and go with the flow and fucking have a good time while I’m doing it. 

My new years resolution was to chill out and have more fun. 

And more details to come dear readers, but 

I am doing fantastic at it!



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