My Lord, My Blog, My Bad Everyone

Oh dear blog readers. Grandma. Dad. Mom. Creepers on the internet.

I have fallen victim to one of the classic blunders.

The first being not get involved in a land war in Asia.

But only slightly less well known is this!

Never wait too long between blog posts!

Or inevitably the amount of time you feel you have to cover becomes way too much to cover and then the blogging just keeps getting pushed off longer…and longer..and longer.

And my lord now the prospect of covering 2 months of happenings is pretty intense. So I’m going to try my best with a series of short summaries.

So lets focus on right now. And I’m happy to say:

  1. I am not dead. No tragic motorbike accidents. No broken bones. No plane crashes, bus crashes, van crashes, or crashes of any kind. I am getting over a cold but other than that I am feeling healthy as a clam….(happy as a clam? whatever)
  2. I am still at Thepnaree. The same school I taught at last semester. Living in the same apartment with the same room and same roommate/partner in crime Bri. I am still teaching the same kids in the English Program her with one major difference and that is that I am now teaching Art, Dance, Social, and Health! Which is much more up my alley than just plain English. Though now I am teaching 1-6 and let me tell you…Grade 1 is a mess (more stories to come)
  3. I am basically living with grandparents. Okay, not really. But “new” additions this semester to the living situation is Teacher Megan and Teacher Mark. Both returning. Mark having taught for like 10 years and Megan for 1 before I came. Meg isn’t really a grandma she’s only in her 50s but Mark is in his 70s and they hang out together and it changes the whole dynamic of the living situation. Not just two young hippies anymore.
  4. I am very, very happy. This semester feels very different. The nuances of Thai life aren’t as hard to deal with any more and I’ve found some really rewarding habits including (but not limited to): zumba almost everyday, reading, doing art, listening to very good music while cruising on the motorbike, and shopping at the veggie market so Bri and I can cook some truly amazing meals.
  5. I am going to immediately write another blog post. Because this has not properly done any sort of justice to the realm of my life for the last months so stay tuned loyal readers!   

One thought on “My Lord, My Blog, My Bad Everyone

  1. My love. Some mountains in Louisiana but we will get over them. You blogs help so much.,! Love you.

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