Friends Who Zumba Together Stay Together

I am absolutely appalled by my current blog situation. How have I not been keeping up. I am a disgrace. 

Anyway. Let’s start with some news from the tiny town of Phrae. 

Last you heard I was having a wonderful start to my new year and let me say that this trend has continued for me. Despite there being quite a bit of chaos in the homeland, I’ve been reaching a lot of peace and happiness over here in the land of smiles. 

Starting in the new year I devised a plan for myself to become a better human being. I made a chart with the dates on the top and on the side about a dozen things I would ideally like to do every day. 

I purposely wrote more that i could possibly do in a day so I didn’t beat myself up when I didn’t get to them all.  

And I feel great.

I had an epiphany that my happiness really starts with how I take care of my body so out went the weekly pizzas. Out went all the rice and I started focusing on buying more veggies and cooking them at home. 

I also committed to what is probably the best thing I’ve discovered in Phrae: Zumba at the stadium. 

I realize I’ve been waiting to post cause I never get a picture of it. But imagine this:

A big open concrete court with a stage. Like 5 dozen older thai ladies and 2 white farangs. And a very complicated Zumba routine that is being taught in all Thai. 

Suffice to say I was pretty terrible in the beginning. But then we made friends with a very friendly young flamboyant guy named Keng who took us under his wing and tried to help us out as much as possible. 

And after about a week of attending Zumba every day at 5:30…the Thai ladies adopted us into the fold. 

The second week we were approached by one of the Thai ladies like “oh tonight we have dinner” and the English was obvi broken but we got the impression that we were being invited to a big dinner party with all the Zumba ladies.


But of course we were very sweaty so we had to devise this whole plan where our new friend would follow us to Sungmen in her car, then we’d change, and then she’d drive us back to the restaurant and home at the end of the night. They are so sweet. 

And she kept saying “Arabic” like “Arabic dinner” and “Arabic friends” and Bri and I are like “omg sweet. Arabic food! I wonder if they’ll have hummus?”

So we arrive at this fancy restaurant with a live band and sit down at this long table with a bunch of other Thai ladies. And they are psyched to see us. 

And that’s when we meet Len who is like the self-appointed leader of the Zumba ladies. St least that’s how we perceive her. And now that we are out and socializing she is on the moon and pouring us shots. (Keep in mind this is Thursday) 

And we’re looking around and everything is Thai. All the food. All the people. I lean over to our friend and say “Arabic?” And she’s like yes “arabic” but for the first time I realize that’s not what she’s saying. 



Jesus. Bri and I crack up. It’s aerobic obviously. We’re all doing aerobics together. 

And it didn’t end at Zumba because these ladies love to dance. Like coordinated Zumba style dance moves on the dance floor. 

They kept pulling us up to dance. And after a while I was flat exhausted. And I’m like Jesus these ladies are like twice my age how do they manage this kind of party on a Thursday?

And then Len gave us Thai nicknames. She called Bri “Malee” which means Jasmine which Bri was psyched about because apparently she loves jasmine. She was freaking out. 

And she called me Buah. Like boo-ah. Which is perfect because it sounds like Boo. And also means Lotus. It’s so nice! 

After that night we became officially part of the Zumba family. I go almost every day. And I’m a Zumba boss now. It’s the closest Thai community I’ve found here so far and being active every day has made me worlds happier. 

It’s the little things. 

I realize this post is kind of dry. But I just knew I had to put something up and if I keep waiting to feel like I’m really ready to write then it may never happen. And I already have like 2 more big posts to write! Teacher boo GET ON TOP OF YOUR SHIT! 


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