A Story of Thai Kindness

Further proof that Thai people are incredible.

I told my mom this story when she visited and I forgot to ever write it on my blog. Now seems like a perfect time. 

So, it’s a typical Tuesday and on Tuesdays sometimes Bri and I go to this market that’s kind of halfway between Sungmen and Phrae.

We’re on our way there and right as we’re pulling up I notice that my scooter’s front tire has gone flat. Great. So I pull into the gas station next to the market and attempt to get someone to help me by just helplessly pointing to the deflated tire. No one is particularly helpful, but eventually I’m pointed to this area that has an air hose.

Then what I’m pretty sure is just a random man on the street and not an employee helps me try to fill my tire. But he just shakes his head after a minute and tries to explain to me that what I actually probably need is a new tire. (At least that’s what I grasped)

Just perfect. 

So, I’m all frazzled. And I decide well we should just go to the market now while we’re here and then I’ll take my bike and park it at Charlottes for the night.

We’re walking back from the market and I start to realize that my phone isn’t on my body. Then I’m realizing I put it in the pocket of my scooter before I left for the market. And then just left it out in the open with my scooter parked next to dozens of other scooters.

And of course, I get to my bike…no phone. 

And I’m just so defeated at this point. And I walk to the air pump area. No phone. And then before I go back to scour the market I go up to this parking attendant guy. And the second he sees me, he just pulls out my phone from his pocket. Like “is this yours?”

And I’m just…”yes…” (sobbing)

It was like a Christmas miracle.

But the story gets better. 

The next day (after fixing my tire, which wasn’t a huge deal) I’m driving back from Kim’s house when these two women on a scooter start honking at me. And I think they’re mad I cut them off or something. But then they pull up and they’re pointing at my scooter.

So, I finally pull over. And the lady is like “your phone!”


She’s pointing at my scooter like “your phone. I see at the market!”

“Oh my gosh!”

“Did you get? I give to man!”

And I pull out my phone like “Yes I got it! Thank you!”

She’s very relieved. She’s like “I recognize your scooter”

And I’m just like “thank you so much!”

(*brb crying*)

So basically some random Thai lady had seen my phone in my scooter (she didn’t even know I was a farang) and has worried enough to give it to the scooter attendant. Who then gave it back to me.

Jesus this place. 


2 thoughts on “A Story of Thai Kindness

  1. Maybe it is also your beautiful face and loving smile…Take care of yourself. What could you use? This is still leading up to Mardi Gras — so the little ones could be planning a parade!!!! Lot of reading, history, geography, and mathematics…Love you dearly…

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