The Thepnaree Christmas Show

Considering the incredible amount of effort that was put into producing this Thepnaree Bilingual Program Annual Christmas Show…I’d say that it deserves it’s own blog post.

If only to gratify the literally countless class periods that were stolen from me in order to let these kids practice for their Christmas show. Which ended up being 2-3 hours every day for these last 2 weeks.

And Teacher Boo even got herself a little role.

Cause I overheard Teacher Janet and Teacher John singing and I was like…”oh, wow, so cool”. And then later I was like “Teacher Janet, if you need anyone to help with the show just let me know” and she’s like “oh do you know the song The Prayer?” And I’m like…”yes“. And that’s how I ended up in a trio with Teacher Janet and Teacher John. Just barely not a romantic duet between me and Teacher John.


My job for the Christmas show was also to be the English Program official photographer (a job I took very seriously…but am now slacking on because it’s been 2 weeks and I haven’t gotten through all the photos). And I took a whopping 1,500 photos…jesus Christ teacher Boo. 

In my defense it was on sport mode so I just kept taking like 5 photos in a sequence. 

There was pretty much a constant stream of drama involving the Christmas show. But week-of Bri and I got involved in the costume debacle.

Because the show was on a friday and on fridays we wear these super uncomfortable and suffocating black thai-style outfits. 


 So we were going to petition Sukanda (the intense boss/principle lady of the school) to wear something more comfortable. Teacher Janet asked Bri and I if we would talk to her. And we felt obligated then because Teacher Janet had been driving herself crazy dealing with preparations.

So we suck it up and go to talk to Sukanda, who granted really doesn’t speak that much English. She’s just sitting there behind her desk, looking down at us, wearing the classic Thai outfit cause she fucking lives for them apparently. 

And we start (with many hand motions) to describe the situation. “Christmas show this friday? We love Thai outfits. But very tight.” *Sukanda’s eyes narrowing* “You don’t like?”

“No! We like! Yes we like! Just we have to move a lot on day of Christmas show”

*literally no emotions from Sukanda*

And Bri and I are just like looking at each other like “uhh?” “So can we wear just nice black shirt on Friday?”

*moment of silence and Sukanda looks like she’s thinking* And then she comes at us with “English program. Unity. I want unity. One power. English program one power.”

Which we took to mean that as long as we all had the same black shirt, we were good. Of course, then we were up against the problem of having to find one kind of shirt that all the English Program teachers had…yeah, right.

So, things are looking bleak, and it’s Thursday morning and Bri comes into my class and let’s be know that Sukanda has made a final decision about the black outfits. She has decided that we will wear black slacks (don’t have), the christmas show shirt (luckily just received), and a black blazer (don’t have). Sigh. 

But Teacher Janet was pleased so we were like “okay we can play along”. We managed to find two thai teachers who could lend us their blazers. And then that night we had to go out and buy 500 baht black slacks! Cause we just really had to get the first pair that would actually fit us. Stupid Thai sizes. 


I thought we ended up looking okay. We both wore make up that day for probably the first time in the whole semester.

The other stress before the show came from the fact that Bri was making stockings for all her kids. And I know I didn’t have to make stockings too. But I mean I didn’t want her kids to have things and me to have nothing. So night before the Christmas Show was spent with Teacher Boo crafting the shit out of everything. Making 40 paper stockings is not easy. That means cutting out 80 stocking shapes to glue together.

I was not the best person to be around that night. 

So the day of the Christmas show arrives and Teacher Bee and I are tasked with waking up and arriving at school at 6am. The earliest day yet, but we were both feeling pretty good. We got to the dance room and were tasked with doing hair and make-up


Bri being a stage mom. 

And after we did all the make-up everyone starts making their way downstairs to where the stage is all set up and beautifully decorated. And the energy is up. And everyone’s psyched. And I’m going around like crazy taking photos of the kids. So presh:IMG_3306.JPGPim–one of my many sassy third grade girls.IMG_3349.JPGIMG_3352.JPG

Literally the Kindergarteners are so cute. IMG_3300.JPG

Some of my 4th grade boys–Boing, Kawin, and Pea

And I’m distracted and then Bri comes up to me like “Brenna! Guess what Sukanda is wearing”

And I look up, and that bitch is wearing a totally white outfit. This like sexy, white suit-dress. 

I’m like….unity? One power?

I digress. 

Basically the show is a bunch of dance numbers (to not Christmas songs) and then the Nativity story. Everything went off so well. I took a whole video, so I’ll hopefully find a way to share that.

But I do have photos!


The anuban (kindergarten) kids were a freaking riot. They were dancing to this song that spelt out Christmas. I laughed out loud every time I watched them. IMG_3583.JPG

Pat is probably my most mature 3rd grade girl and she always killed this pose in the ‘Dynamite’ dance (Yeah, Taio Cruz…Christmas?)IMG_3719.JPG

The 4th and 5th grade boys danced to this Justin Bieber “Power” song. And the hats and the sunglasses really made it. Thats Doi, Jaguar, Best, and Phiyai–the 5th grade boys–up there in front.IMG_4519.JPG

“Go Tell It On The Mountain” was probably my favorite number of the whole thing. 

And then the grand finale!

Which I was not prepared for…
IMG_4807.JPGThey shot off a bunch of confetti and silly string and stuff.

All and all it was pretty fun.

And then the rest of the day was just games and more fun. Bri and I planned freeze dance, limbo, and a relay race. We also gave out our stockings. And I had made my 3rd graders write letters to Santa, right? So, I was like “Santa got you some gifts

And they lost their freaking minds. “SANTA!?!” 

So that made me really happy. All the bitching and hard work was worth it.

That night there was a dinner for all the teachers, which was honestly a non-event. It just featured mediocre spaghetti and meat sauce, lots of quality time with Nicole (because apparently the talkative daughter of the teachers is the only person who wants to hang out with us), and long speeches by Sukanda and her husband in Thai.

Then we turned in early because the next day Brenna was Chiang Mai bound (at 6am) for the 5TH TIME!!


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