Like Daughter Like Mother

Teacher Boo where have you been with your blog?

Okay, I know, I know!

I have been slacking on my gypsy life in a truly unforgivable way. Jesus what was the last thing I wrote about?


Well, the weekend after that I stayed in town and the weekend was such nonevent that I literally cannot remember enough to write about it. But do not fret! There are many stories. So let’s catch you up.

Firstly on the Christmas Show front–whoops! I meant school front.

But let’s be honest. They are basically the same thing. 

The Thepnaree Bilingual School English Program has been steadily devoted to the practice and preparation of the Christmas Show (which will actually be performed on December 30th and not Christmas time exactly. Because Thai people don’t really have a concept of Christmas Day I am discovering. Pretty sure the majority of my kids this that Christmas day is on December 30th)

I digress. 

It’s gotten to the point in this final week where Bri and I have just stopped making lesson plans because more often then not I will arrive at my classroom and my kids will be like “Teacha, we go to dance practice, now”

I’m like, “oh you do? Kay sweet.”

I’ve been walking around with the same worksheets for three weeks! Cause I just haven’t gotten around to it.

Teacher Janet and Teacher Rodel are actually driving themselves crazy with this whole things. I’m scared for their marriage. I feel like it is causing a lot of stress.

Honestly, though, the show is amazing. I love watching the kids. And they love it. I mean, they have to since they are still in good moods after practicing there hours every day.

Some other highlights? 

I am teaching my 5th and 4th graders to write poems which is amazing because I love poems. I had my 4th graders write Christmas Haikus this week and it was the funniest lesson I’ve taught all week. 



The grinch have a dog
The dog of the grinch name Max
Shepherd have some sheep 

 Boing followed up with:

God found Santa Claus
Angel give gold to Jesus
Jesus was happy

 Kawin just went with the classics:


Santa Is coming
Santa is coming to town
Santa is coming 

And my personal favorite from the Grade 4 problem child Time:


Marry and Joseph
Love Mary love Jesus birth
And Santa come lol 

I also had my 3rd graders write letters to Santa. Nicole asked for 3 tickets to America and money. (typical)
Friday I had my kids do Christmas crafts. And even the third graders managed to get into arguments with each other about it. 


So let’s get to the weekend!

Friday night I was done with my Kindergarten class at 4 like normal and I was taking off to catch the bus to Chiang Mai because

My mom had arrived in Thailand!

I get into CM at 9:30 practically skipping to meet my mother. She had basically just decided spur of the moment to come to Thailand for Christmas. And while I was so excited not to be without family on Christmas it also added that bit of anxiety on my part like “oh fuck I got to make sure my knows what to do in Thailand”

Cause I’m like an expert now, right? 

And like every freaking weekend in CM, I immediately set off for food. My mom was waiting for me too. So we end up back at one of 2 corners in the Old City that I spend almost 80% of my time walking around.

Mom got her first Penang Curry and Pad Thai and Brenna ordered a Leo and then Annie came to meet us. We had coordinated adopting her for the weekend because she didn’t have any family to hang out with. (Though her mom made up for it by buying her a a seriously posh room in a seriously bougie hotel. So Annie was chillin’)

I spent the majority of the night just going on and on about my kids, Phrae, and of course the unavoidable “how long am I going to stay in Thailand” question. It’s still up in the air people! 

Then I took Annie and my mom to the only place in Chiang Mai that I know will impress people…THC Bar. again. 

And (like everyone else I’ve ever told to go there) they loved it. Of course. It’s such a cool place and vibe is always mellow.

Then it was Christmas Eve!

Annie and I took my mom to get her first Thai massage ever at the place we had gone to twice on our last trip to CM.

Then I convinced the two of them to help me check off the final thing on my CM bucket list which was the 3D Art Museum! 

Pretty much a 400 baht photo opportunity. 

But honestly we had a blast and we ended up with some really sick photos. See blow:

      After that it was time to do another typical Chiang Mai tourist thing which was to take a cooking class!

And that’s how Brenna spent her Christmas Eve cooking Thai food.

I had always seen these cooking groups getting tours of the market, wearing funny hats, and (to my great disappointment) this class didn’t come with the hats but it did come with the market tour and a very adorable tour guide named Pim. Who flawlessly landed many (obviously) well-rehearsed jokes.

We ended up with two other couples. One (the cooler pair) was from Spain. Annie begged me not to pull the whole “she speaks Spanish” thing with them. I mean, she does! And the other couple was from America. They were slightly less cool and the guy kept being a know-it-all about Thai cooking. Im like…if you think you know everything why are you even in this class?

I digress. 


But the food was so good. I made the best Pad Thai I’ve ever eaten. Tom Yam Kung (which I now think back on with disgust as it came back up not too many hours after this point). Penang curry. Cashew chicken (classic). And some black stick rice pudding with roasted coconut shavings.

I was in heaven. 


And promptly thrown back into hell after the class was over because I woke up at about 3am and threw all the food back up again. Sigh. And I now think I had some sort of stomach flu cause it was coming out both ends. And at one point I wake up and feel like I have to poop and I go into the bathroom and there is a cockroach in there. So I’m just standing in the dark, clenching my butt cheeks together, trash can in hand waiting for the cockroach to emerge so I can trap it.

So that was how I rang in this Christmas day.

When in Thailand. Amiright? 

Actual Christmas Day was a pretty bleak affair featuring me grumpy at a coffee shop, me being grumpy and sick at a foot massage, and me being grumpy at a smoothie place. Then quickly throwing up the smoothie that was an attempt to make my stomach feel better.

Luckily, we didn’t have much planned except to say good bye to Annie (she was continuing on to Pai and Chaing Rai for the week) and get on a bus to Phrae.

I was managing to keep down some ritz crackers on the bus.

We arrive in Phrae at like 10 at night and I’m exhausted. I get Kim to come pick me up from the bus station and when I get to Mae-Mae (I had left her at Kim’s house) she has a flat tire! 

Which (I should add) is the second one in like a week! 

So I’m grumpy, discouraged, and have to take Kims bike from her to get mom and bring her to her hotel. Then I ride home and go right to sleep cause I have to teach in the morning and I was not excited about that in my current state.

Monday turned out to be okay at school, but I was feel overwhelmed and less than energetic so instead of going to pick mom up during my lunch break to brin her back. I just stayed and rested and got my shit done for school. And then I went to get her after school was done.

She had been having about as exciting of a day as you can have in Phrae. Which is to say…not every exciting. But I think the spicy Thai food was getting to her too, or maybe it was the stomach bug, but we were both a little strung out by this time.

I took her to see my room, and my school, and across the street to the totally over-priced Thai bbq place. Which turned out to be a mistakebecause the toast I had been eating all day say with me fine, but the Thai bbq did not and then I was all like “uuuhhrrrhhhggg” and feeling awful again. I drove us back to my mom’s hotel in the city and then went to sleep to try and sleep off the stomach flu thing.

It actually worked. Because on Tuesday I woke up feeling fine.

I had bravely gone to the manager of the school and asked to take Tuesday off to spend with my mom. And he had agreed. And then I had printed out worksheets for my kids like the over-achiever I am. Typical. 

So I take her first to Gingerbread house for breakfast (which you may recall from many, many posts ago as one of the only places we know to get breakfast). I facetimed Erin and Mark to apologize for not saying hey on actual Christmas Day cause I was puking up my Tom Yam Kung.

Then mom and I had a pretty awesome afternoon. I took her to the buddha statue way up on the hill that has the best view of Phrae. You may possibly remember from a previous blog post.

Then I took her to my favorite new cafe. Which I forgot to mention I discovered the weekend I stayed in Phrae. It’s actually paradise. And I’m still baffled to today how something so cool like this could pop up in the outskirts of Phrae.

It’s Bikeberry 10 Organic Farm and you have to scooter way out into the countryside (which is a beauty on it’s own). Then you take a few turns down a dirt row and find it tucked away. And honestly the landscape is amazing.

So this is my little Phrae paradise. And mom and I sat there for over an hour drinking strawberry smoothies (which was about the max our stomachs could take). Then I put mom on a bus back to Chiang Mai so she could entertain herself for a few days and I could go back to getting reading for the Christmas showAnd the impending New Years weekend to come!


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