Same Ol’ Lampang and Dance

Let’s get to some traveling, shall we?

Friday passed pretty quickly because I was anticipating my impending mini-vacation to Lampang.

I say mini because Lampang is basically our neighbor. It’s only about 2 hours south of Phrae. And I wish that I could say there was some travel drama, but unfortunately for the drama queens following this blog…there was not.

In fact, Bri and I figured out we could buy green bus tickets about 2 minutes away by motorbike and get picked up right there. (Green bus is the “official” transportation across the north of Thailand. I’ve literally already lost track of how many greenbuses I’ve taken thus far)

I digress. 

I finished up my last excruciating Kindergarten class and got my shit together. Bri finished up about an hour later, then we walked to the bus stop, and (in very typical Thai fashion) waited almost an hour for the bus to show up. Kim, Charlotte and Alex were catching the bus in Phrae and I kept texting like “are you on the bus yet?”.

Finally, we catch the bus.

And at this point I want to mention that it was basically a miracle that Bri had made it on this trip because on Thursday night she had figured out that she had been bit by an infectious bug! 

Okay, slightly less dramatic, (but only slightly).

It’s like Sunday afternoon when Bri starts to notice that the inside of her legs are sore. And she’s like “damn I think I got burned on our scooter ride” (I don’t even think I blogged about the weekends scooter to a waterfall and a crazy giant buddha statue, what has happened to you Brenna?)


So like the granola girl she is, obvi her first instinct it to lather that shit with essential oils. Which, don’t get me wrong, probably isn’t the worst thing she could’ve done, but putting a bunch of tea tree on a spot that is already red and raw was probably not the best thing either.

That being said, things only got worse. And I felt really bad cause obviously she was really freaked out. But we kind of didn’t have time to drive into the city to get creams. And Bri was still freaked out about driving her scooter at this point. And finally Friday morning she was reduced to tears with Teacher Janet and then taken to the doctor, which is when we figured out it wasn’t some burn…it was a freaking bug!

Like there is this beetle in Thailand that basically sprays you with this shit and then if you don’t wash it off asap, you get this horrible skin rash/burn thing.


It’s like the opposite of everything that’s every happened. Where in your head you’re like “oh my god, I probably got bit by an infectious bug!” And then it always turns out to be like heat rash…

Needless to say, I’ve been a bit more jumpy lately around bugs.

And also, on a happy note, Bri got a lot of medicine which she is using now instead of the essential oils (she learned her lesson for sure). And she’s getting better, though now she’s been walking kind of bow-legged (lol) and also her skin is peeling off like a snake.

Isn’t this trip amazing?

The moral of the story is this: we finally caught our bus to Lampang. 

And when we get there, Alex finally gets to meet up with his bae Andrew. (bless them).

Poor Alex had been stuck with a bunch of women for weeks, so some Bro time was definitely necessary. 


Courtney, who was from the OEG orientation, and Kim’s “twin” lives in Lampang, and she she was  our unofficial tour guide. Courtney is just like Kim but 5 years younger and with twice the energy. That girl can party and sling sarcasm like no ones business. And then our friend Jackie came in from Chaing Mai. I hadn’t really spent time with Jackie before this and bless her, she’s so sweet and one of those people who always seems to be in good spirits. Damn her.


Twins united, boys reunited, everything feels right with the world.

Well, Lampang is beautiful, and set right on a river and takes advantage of that by setting up a bunch of restaurants right on the Riverside where you can eat, look at the murky water, and listen to Thai people sing covers of Creedence Clearwater Revival.


And, lucky for the bunch of farangs, Lampang also had a pretty decent night scene. And that Friday we were all pretty hyped to be together so we all went out, drank a couple Leos, and took stupid photos like the totally responsible, mature, English teachers we are.


The next day had basically no agenda. We ended up waking up and getting lunch at this place that served noodles in a seriously massive bowl!

Why can I not find a picture?!?!?!

Anyway. It was like a 2 foot bowl. Not exaggerating. And this 250baht dish fed like 6 people. Damn. 

For the rest of the afternoon we were just lazy. We wondered the streets. Found this hella beautiful temple.


Then we wondered around some market, some of the girls got Thail massages (Char Char and I volunteered to pass because of the previous week’s 2 hour massage experience). I read my Pope book. And then it was time to

Get some pizza!!

Hungry Janet was on the prowl because she had heard about the pizza and so when the rest of the group wanted to look at stuff in the night market she was getting snappy. Like no. There is pizza within walking distance.

And my god. It was worth all the wait.

Because oh my god they had ranch dressing!

I had brought my ranch with me to Lampang, but I didn’t even need it! This place had classic, New-York style, wood-fire pizza and fucking ranch dressing. 

I don’t think Hungry Janet has been so happy  in her whole life. It was like eating a piece of heaven . Nectar from the gods. My lord how blessed I am to share this meal with a bunch of other farangs in a random-ass city in Thailand. My life is perfect.

Cue the violin music. 

Aww. Look at our happy little family. Those are the childish grins of foreigners who are about to stuff their face with pizza, yes it is.

I couldn’t be happier. 

Then, when I went out to the market I was all ready to spend, spend, spend. 

And spend I did.

Actually, I had one of the most successful shopping experiences of my time here. I had been talking about needing a bag and bless, Emma found a place that sold totally sturdy bags right outside the pizza place. 

I forgot to mention at this point, earlier in the day Emma (the Australian from our Pattaya adventure) and Margaret (another Lampang resident) had joined us for the night. 

Then I went right around the corner and found a seriously beautiful blanket. I had been wanting something to make my bed feel more like me, and these were perfect. They are light and so colorful. Bri bought 3.

Then I got a sick ring and right at the end of the market I passed this skirt I was in love with. But I was like “Brenna stop spending” so i refrained. And then Charlotte and I kept walking for a second, but then I was like…I am going to be thinking about that skirt all night! 

So I went back and bought it. 


Spend spend spend.

That night was more of the same same. Except at the end of the night the girls went home and the boys stayed out and Alex woke up in his underwear on the floor outside the bathroom.

When in Lampang, right? 


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