The Inefficiency of Thai Brooms: And Other Random Things

I notice when I blog I tend to write mostly about the things that are going on. What I’m do, where I’m going, who I’m meeting. Etc. But sometimes just the little nuances fall through the cracks in my pursuit of concise, riveting storytelling. But no longer! This post is exclusively about the little things.

You are welcome.

I would like to comment on one of th many bewildering aspects of Thai life that I feel has been grossly un-adressed in blog society and that is:

Thai Brooms.

What is the deal with these things?

In addition to being completely ineffective at picking up dirt, they also are constructed so shoddily that the bristles keep falling off onto the ground.

Did we learn nothing from the Academy Award nominee “Joy” with Jennifer Lawrence? Efficiency!

I don’t know if that was really the moral of that movie but I have little other film references for sweeping.

I digress.

Because these Thai brooms like fan out, it means that the part of the broom that actually touches the ground is like really thin. How are you supposed to sweep up dust with this? It kind of just pushes stuff around on the ground??

I am blaming this invention for the other bane of my existence right now and that is that whenever I walk in the bathroom after I’ve showered in there I end up leaving dirty footprints all over the floor.

Someone give me a solution.

Because Thai shower…like other inefficient Thai things. Just kind of shoot onto the bathroom floor. So whenever I shower I kind of flood my bathroom a little bit. Which is fine. I mean that’s why they call it a bathroom.

But then when I walk on the floors in my apartment. Because I have to walk on the group. I am a human being and equally as affected by gravity as you are. One more thing that connects all human beings right? Oh, except gravity depends on mass doesn’t it?


The moral of the story is that I will then walk into my flooded bathroom with my grubby feet and leave little black footprints. And then when the bathroom floor dries they kind of just stick to the floor. So I haven’t found a solution for this problem, yet. I will get back to you once I find the time to dedicate to things like this that are really not important at all.

Thai Dogs

Are like on the border between terrifying and adorable. Like when you see them you want to pet them…but also run away.

There’s this dog on my campus. And I know this because one night I get back, and mind you my campus is seriously pitch black at night.

I park my bike and suddenly I hear this ferocious barking coming towards me. I swear to god I sprinted back to my room. I’ve never been so afraid in my life.

But then there are posh, prima donna dogs like this one:

And then there are dogs that ride in motorbike cars.

Yeah so this was a great moment when I saw how this man turned his motor bike into a car. And then let dogs ride in it.

Imagine if that kind of ingenuity was used on sweeping devices!

On other news. We found potentially the largest market that happens in Phrae. Once every month.

And honestly it wasn’t that big.

But happy for Phrae.

And finally the craziest news of all:

I now have a roommate!

It’s Saturday afternoon, and I’m in town with the crew hanging out by the pool at this hotel we found. And I get this text from Teacher Jane like

“new teacher come 20 minutes”


I’m like, “you mean, 20 minutes from now?”

And she’s like “yes”

So let me explain to you how much information I am being given about any aspects of my living/teaching situation.


Just nothing.

I was literally in the office that morning, and you didn’t think that they had enough time to tell me that the fucking new teacher was coming?!

The latest I had heard at that point was that whoever the new teacher was hadn’t passed a test? Or something? So I would have to wait until the 7th of November. At least that was what I could gather from broken English.

Well, that’s not quite true. Was it? 

So everyone had already planned to come over that night. And now I’m freaking out like “Should I go up first? Omg, who is it going to be like? Should I wait until after dinner to meet her? I don’t wanna overwhelm this person”

But finally we just decided to continue with the plan. Drive back to the apartment. And that’s when I met Bri.

Yeah. Bri like the name of my random roommate freshman year of high school. Irony.

Though she is completely different. She’s one of those granola people. Like yoga, tea tree, crystals, etc. She’s been adjusting for the past few days. I can’t help but be insanely jealous of her. Like she has me to tell her things, whereas I have been basically left on my own and made to figure out everything myself.

No Brenna, be the bigger person. 

We haven’t had a ton of time cause it’s really been only like a day. I had been begging the universe for a roommate, but now that she’s here I’m like “now I have to adjust to another person?!”

Just kidding. It’s great.

But I can’t walk around naked anymore. Which is rough.

And we only have one shower head…so we have to share it back and forth between the two bathrooms.



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