I Got Wifi In My Apartment!

And other good things that have happened.

(Sorry I don’t have many pictures to accompany this….)

Like the previously mentioned rainbow has promised: things are looking up. 

So let’s start this post with the numerous ways the teacher Boo is killing it.

Firstly. I know all the names of all my fourth graders.

Fuck yes. 

Okay, but actually for those who don’t know. Thai nicknames are hilarious. My class as follows:

Girls: Ploy, Cartoon, Ming Ming, and Pancake.

Boys: Pea, Owen, Earth, Eur, Boing, Time, Kawin

And some of the other names in my other grades: Gay (that’s a girl), Harley, Mean, Bam, etc.

Imagine me with a straight face being like “Pea get in your seat!”

Let’s talk about who has stolen my heart.

Pea actually is one of my favorites. He’s kind of cheeky, a bit of a troublemaker, but he’s super eager and great at English.

Kawin is also great. He’s a bit shy and awkward but he’s the cutest. On the first day when I was introducing myself he was taking notes in his little notepad. Bless. 

Ming Ming is the girl I made cry on the first day. She’s honestly so sweet. And I think I’ve made it my personal mission since that first day to make sure she’s always really happy.

Nicole I previously mentioned. But she’s a little spitfire. She really likes chatting with me. And yesterday we played piano together.

They are all so wonderful. Everyone told me the kids make it worth it. And I mean…yeah that’s true.

Teacher Boo kills it with the games. 

So this far I have played so many games…I’ve exhausted my games. Especially with my fourth graders because I see them so many times a day. We’ve played:

Scattegories (killed it), Boggle, Telephone, Teacher says (they loved that one), and many, many rounds of heads up (the Ellen Degeneres app, seriously a lifesaver)

I also brought up google maps street view and showed my kids where I lived in Orange. And then I showed them Disneyland. And then of course they wanted to go and find their houses so we spent like an entire period “driving” around the streets of Phrae. That counts as teaching right? 

In my third grade class we read a story in the book about Egyptian Hieroglyphics. Yeah this is the level of English my third graders are on. Hieroglyphics!

I digress. 

So teacher Boo made up her own code with symbols and pictures and had the students decode it.

And I blew their minds. They were like “how can you write in hieroglyphics?!” And I’m just like “I’m just really talented”. When in reality it was just wingdings on Microsoft Word.

I figured out where the coffee is in the teachers office.

I figured out where to grab free lunch with the kindergarteners.

And I got wifi in my apartment. I don’t know who was happier me or Teacher John who lives downstairs.

I think the real answer is all my loyal blog followers (hey Grandma!) because now I have the ability to post from home.

On a non-school related note: we went to a market on Thursday in town. And after we went to a restaurant and I made the mistake of asking the waitress what she recommends. And she points to this dish and I’m like….”that looks terrible”. In my head. Out loud I was like “welp. Okay then!” Because, I mean, I asked. And I’m not a quitter. I’m not gonna order cashew chicken for every meal. Even though I want to.

So I get essentially pieces of steamed squid in this sticky, sweet pink sauce. I realize now that I didn’t take a picture. Damn it.

The Moral of this short Saturday morning post is: making it work.

Making it work. 

One thought on “I Got Wifi In My Apartment!

  1. Love you…love you. And, yes, I am reading your Blogs with love and delight…even reliving my experiences similar to,yours…not the originality you are showing, but the games, the smiles, the love…it is the students and they stay with you forever…well, the feelings do!! I love you…you are giving me such a thrill to share these thoughts!!

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