That Time Everything Changed

Strap in, Fam. 

So I want to regale you all with the details of Phrae. And I am especially looking forward to the post about my first in-country vacation to the “lovely” town of Pattaya. 

But first. Brenna had a serious fuck-up. 

So in the glowing example of “not in my body thinking”, impulsivity, and “so much an air sign I can’t even handle it” the following story:

So I wake up Tuesday morning in my apartment. Still the only one there and I get a call from Teacher Phon letting me know that I have a meeting with the director at 10am. Great. 

So I get there, wait a few minutes, say hi to all the teachers. And then I swear the most handsome Thai man I’ve seen this far rides up  on a bike. And his handsomeness is not important to the story really. I just wanted you to really be in my head at this moment. 

So he starts talking to me about how I will be teaching 24 classes a week. And how each class is like 10-15 kids. Super nice. And I’m teaching grades 3-6. Also nice. Blah blah blah all good things “oh, you’re staying for a year right?”

“Oh no. I’m only here for a semester” 

*confused look* 

Because they had warned us about schools always wanting you to stay longer etc. and so that’s what I thought this was. So he’s like “oh, well okay never mind”. Blah blah. Meeting keeps going. He’s very nice and then he lets me go. They tell me that paperwork will be ready for me to sign in a couple hours.

I go upstairs. Come back down in a couple hours. 

So I’m about to sign my contract. And it says Nov 2016-Oct 2017. And I burst into tears. Just kidding. But like…almost. 

Kay. I tell them this is a mistake I’m supposed to stay a year. And I say “no”. And they say that’s what Kristen and Phil at OEG told me. And then they get on the phone with them. And I’m like “fuck”. And then I get on the phone with the OEG lady and she’s like “yeah, CIEE told us you signed up for 2 semesters” and I’m like “well, there must be a misunderstanding”. And they say Kristen will call me back. 


So I’m waiting. And I swear to god I finally just decide to go all the way back to my CIEE application from forever ago. And I’m logging in. And my heart is beating like crazy and I’m basically crying. Because you know how your body is when it seems to know something before you even know yourself…

I signed up for 2 semesters. 

It was not a mistake on their end. There was no miscommunication. Just stupid, totally spaced out Brenna did not realize that I clicked that button way back at the beginning of the application. 

What is my life?

How can I navigate this realm on earth?! How did I possibly even make it to Thailand if this is the level of clueless I am!?


And now I’m laughing while I’m writing this. But at the time I was kind of freaking out. So I had to go back up to my room because I was seriously going to cry. And the second I was away from the concerned Thai faces I just started bawling. And I didn’t know what to do so I called Anthony like “…they…*sniff*…want me…*sniff*…to stay for a year…*straight up bawling my eyes out*”

And he was more or less unhelpful because he didn’t want to tell me what to do or anything. And then we were interrupted because Kristen called me and she’s like “well…your school wants people for a year. Can you do a year?” And I’m like “well no!”

Because. Okay. Like suddenly being told that your whole plan is thrown out the window. It’s so freaky. Terrifying. 

So like. I said basically that I wasn’t ready to decide. She told me to tell the school that. So I collected myself, wiped away my tears and went downstairs. I asked if I could sign a contract for 6 months and then decide. And the principle was there and I felt like I was slapping her in the face like “I don’t like your school”. So they go away to remake the contract. And the principle is like “I think you’re lonely”. 

Which is like very perceptive and true. 

So I’m kind of quiet at this point cause I’m feeling pretty awful about everything. I sign the contract. And the nice handsome director comes in and says that there’s no hard feelings and he understands. 

*seriously crying*

So everything turned out okay?!

Well. There’s one more part to the story. And that’s that ever since then I haven’t been able to shake the whole “stay for a year” thing. And if I’m being honest…I’m starting to feel like it may be a sign. 

So this isn’t for sure. But I mean…unless I absolutely hate teaching…

I think I’ll be here for a year. 


One thought on “That Time Everything Changed

  1. I always had the feeling you would love teaching and the students…and the students will love you!! And we love you!!

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