Let’s Get Brenna To Phrae

Unfortunately there aren’t a ton of photos to accompany this story. 

So I wake up on the last Day of orientation and thank the lord there really isn’t very much more for us to learn. 

We had to present lesson plans, which no one really took seriously at all. And then we got a seminar about our visa. 


I had forgotten to mention previously that whereas everyone else was getting picked up by their coordinators at Chiang Mai, mine couldn’t make it (I wasn’t the only one. There were three of us) so instead I was getting driven to the public bus station and put on a big bus and then hopefully someone would pick me up there. 

So I’m in the middle of my lesson about visas when the lady in charge tells me that we have to leave now because the two other girls might miss their bus. So I had to say like an impromptu goodbye to all my friends. It was so sad. I didn’t have enough time I just had to leap out of the room and throw my shit into a big red truck. 

Well, the deal is that the two other girls who were abounded by their schools were getting on the same bus going to the same place. But I was getting on a different bus that left a few hours later. 

So then I was wandering hopelessly around this bus station. I got mcdonalds. (Just because I wanted to use their nice bathroom I swear). And I got ice cream and not a cheeseburger. Because I definitely don’t have a problem or anything. 😁

I had to sit next to this tiny Thai lady. And I swear to god the whole time I was just apologizing in my head to her for just existing. Like “oh sorry I’m a farang and you have to sit next to me…I hope the way I’m crossing my feet isn’t offensive…” And I slept but I tried really hard to fall out into the aisle and not into some poor women’s lap. Luckily I fared pretty well. 

So four hours later I finally get to Phrae! 

And first thing off the bus this man is talking to me and pointing to his sketchy blue bus. And I just stand there confused and show him his piece of paper I had with info about my school. Because of course people who can’t understand spoken English will definitely be able to understand written English. 

He’s still confused. 

And I’m expecting people from my school. I’m like “is this the guy” and I have no idea. But bless my lucky stars two Thai women come up like “Brenna Ann? Brenna Ann?”

Bless ’em. 

So the women are introduced to me as Teacher Phon and Teacher Jane. They tell me they have been waiting for 2 hours. And I’m like “what? That’s embarrassing”. Someone was supposed to communicate to them my point of arrival. 

Then they drive me to the school which is pitch dark at this point. Nothing is around. Nobody is there. So they walk me around this deserted school, up a bunch on stairs, and into a totally empty apartment. 

Well by empty I mean without people. Not without stuff. 

Actually my apartment is pretty crowded with clutter. 

I’ll update everyone on the whole living situation in another post. But let me get through this. 

So they kind of just wander around waiting for me to decide which of the three bedrooms I want to take. And then they wander around for a bit longer trying to find me bed sheets. 

And so also at this point I’ve met Teacher John who is really really good at English but he tells me that he’s leaving in the morning for Bangkok for 9 days. And also basically everyone is gone because the school is on break. 


But seriously I am so tired at this point that I really am just waiting for them to leave. Which they finally do. And I can go to sleep. Which is do. Sort of. Because the building is right by the freeway and I can hear the trucks rattling by all night long. 

Welcome to Phrae!  


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