Oh My, Chiang Mai!

Alright! We can make it through these posts, Brenna!

Quick update: I know I am slacking on the blogging front. But honestly it’s because of the very, very spotty wifi at the apartment in my new city. Yes, folks I am here and getting situated. I promise to regale you with all the juicy details as soon as I get through the rest of orientation. I got to keep this chronological, right? 

So, now I am blogging from my very hot rooftop terrace which seems to be the only place in my apartment that has consistent wifi. Figures. 


This post is dedicated to making really good friends in like 3 days.

We are up and ready for more orientation. 

Honestly, the content of these seminars is not really worth blogging about. But I can say that at this point I was starting to see some inconsistencies in the direction about teaching. Now, there was the guy who was teaching us how to teach who approached everything very professionally, and used acronyms and shit. And then there were some of the actual Thai teachers (fellow young people) who made it seem more like just hanging out in a classroom and speaking english.

And then today this hilarious woman Ann came to tell us about Thai norms and she basically also supported the “having fun” model.

So, at this point, I think the conclusion is…there is no model.


I mean, at this point I just think I was focused more on the cheeseburger than the content of the lessons.

They are trying to teach us Thai. But a 2 hour long Thai lesson begins to stop sinking at about minute 20.

Leaving so much more time to doodle.

Class is over. Brenna has taken an advil. So what now?


Oh yes! Bless the holy lord in heaven. This sad American finally got her hands on a cheeseburger, after over 24 hours of fantasizing about it.

And not only was it a cheeseburger. It was a mac-and-cheeseburger. 

And so like the ending of so many “typical Brenna” stories, getting food made me immensely happier.

Haven’t we figured this out yet? 

I’m practically skipping out of the burger restaurant and more than happy to let the rest of the group drag me to a very sketchy area of Chiang Mai populated by lots of seedy bars, prostitutes, and very, very drunk ex-pats. Oh, and wrestling. What’s art called? Moi Tai fights?

Regardless. I was distracted more with the world’s greatest game of jenga I was playing with Charlotte and Laura. And then the half-dozen times Laura and I rapped “Gold Digger” (always, without fail, forgetting the words to the third verse)

We turned in relatively early and left the boys. My cheeseburger made me sleep and I drifted off the slumber like one hella happy camper.

It’s the little things. 

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