Let’s End This With a Bang, Chiang!

Cheers to the Last full day in Chiang Mai!

Lucky for us. This day also involved a field trip. (Lucky?) And the first stop was Doi Suthep. Probably the most well-known landmark in Chaing Mai. It is at the top of a seemingly endless road of twists and turns which takes about 30 minutes (though it feels like hours) to climb.

And no you’re not done yet. The you have to climb 306 more steps all the way to the top. Don’t worry, Jeff and I counted for accuracy.

This also happened to be the one field trip that I did not bring my camera too. So we’ll have to deal with the iPhone quality for this trip.

At the temple I got my fortune. Which basically meant that I shook a cup of sticks until one fell out and the number on that stick was my number. And then I got my corresponding fortune which said (not kidding, mom) that love and luck were in my future as long as I was patient. 

Yeah. Figures. The universes only message to me my whole life has been patience. Haven’t I got this figured out yet?

After the temple we went to the king’s palace, where apparently I was underdressed because they made me put on this sexy purple number which Jeff labeled a “maid’s outfit”

I guess I’m just born with it.

The palace was kind of just a collection of big gardens. And the award for most embarrassing moment of the day was when Jeff wanted me to get a picture of him doing a hand-stand. And mid hand-stand some very angry Thai security comes running over, yelling at us. Because I guess if we had taken a second to think about it, it wasn’t super appropriate. Also considering the King had just died…

So we kind of both just walked away with our tails between our legs. Though, I would like to say that it was mostly not my fault. I was only supporting.

The rest of the tour was also pretty anti-climatic. Except for the fact that we ran into a serial killer on our way down.

Yes that would be him noticing me taking a picture and probably planning my murder in his head right there!

Besides that. The morning was relatively anti-climatic and we climbed back into the vans so we could spend the afternoon doing what? More orientation!

To say I was distracted would be putting it mildly. I’m pretty sure have the group just decided not to go. I know it’s kind of sad. But come on. How long can you really make a bunch of restless spirits all sit in a room together learning about classroom management. Thank the lord that they give us yummy pastries to eat while we learn and also are relentlessly diligent with their water glass filling. You didn’t see an empty glass in the room ever.

Except in front of me.

I’ve been drinking water that a starved horse. Quickly. Aggressively. Passionately.

But don’t worry! The classes got done early and we could finally escape for one happy night of fun together. 


Prepare for Brenna’s collection of artsy night-shots. (No, I’m not featured because I’m doing this thing where I pretend I’m a photographer)

First, we got Burmese food. 

And I couldn’t even pretend to be an expert because despite having been to Burma, I totally forgot what the food was like. So I ended up (ironically) getting essentially spaghetti and meatballs. Well, when ordering food around here you kind of have to just go for it.


With farangs like these…

This picture is Laura, AJ, Jeff, and Charlotte. Probably some of my favorite people that I met this week. It’s kind of crazy how you can bond with people so quickly. Charlotte is going to the same town I am, but the others are going far away. Well, that’s a bit melodramatic. AJ and Jeff are about 2 hours away in Nan. What am I going to do without them?!

Alright, Brenna. Stop being so gushy. 

Anyway. I had been talking about the ladyboy show pretty consistently all day. It was probably my favorite memory of Chiang Mai from last time I was here. So, I looked up where it was and finally got people to start moving over there.

So honestly, traveling in a huge group is such a struggle. You’re always waiting for someone. Sometimes I just wanna say, “we’re all adults” let’s just take care of our own business. No more of this “oh should we message this person?” “Should we wait here for them to catch up to us?”

Trying to navigate 20 people through this city is difficult.

But it didn’t matter. 

Because 20 minute walk later…the lady boy show was closed. Oh no! This tragedy! What is this cruel universe!? Why lord, why?!

Okay. I’m done. But I was pretty disappointed. And honestly, I was feeling pretty guilty for dragging everyone over there for no reason. But lucky for me, everyone was pretty understanding. When in Thailand, amiright?

Luckily we were close to the area of dingy bars that we had been at the night before.


And lucky for us. Almost all of the other OEG farangs found their way to the bar that night. There must have been about 30 foreigners all together. There was one pool table and I played the world’s most embarrassing game of pool. Like…couldn’t even hit a ball embarrassing.


Let’s focus on positive things.

Like I got McDonalds on the way home.

Yes, yes, yes. More cheeseburgers. AJ and I got home, full, and happy.

Don’t make us, leave!


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