Getting Oriented

What it’s been 3 whole days and Brenna hasn’t written anything on her blog?

Not to worry, folks. I have not been drafted into the Thai sex trade, I am not stuck in Tokyo for three days (#tbt), and I am not dying of Typhoid (yet).

Actually, I am happily orienting to the very, very warm country of Thailand. So let’s catch you up, shall we?

Last you heard I was drinking alone in the Seoul airport.


Unfortunately for the drama queen inside me, the flights went off without a hitch. I caught my Seoul flight at about midnight and passed right out and woke up feeling jazzed. I caught up with Andrew, Jackie, and Caitlin in the Singapore airport. Bless them. We had to kill like an easy 2 hours.

Then we boarded the last of the flights from Singapore to Chiang Mai. And I ended up sitting right next to another two girls doing this “teach Thai babies English” thing! That was Eliza and Ashley.

Eliza, bless her heart, is so fucking sweet. We talked the whole flight. She’s a musician, super funny, and I feel like we’re kindered weird spirits. So that flight was awesome.

Landed. Customs. To be honest it all went boring-ly smoothly. Though I did mistakenly tell Andrew to take out like 2000 baht from the atm to last him a while. Which is like 70 bucks. My bad. I’m not great at this conversion thing. In Malaysia it was 3, and here it’s like 30. So, I’m having this problem by always being off by a decimal place.


So then we loaded all our bags into one of those big red Thai vans.


Check out the flight squad. 

So we arrive at the hotel and in typical Thai fashion our rooms are not ready. And like, we’re all smelly and sweaty and gross. But the options are limited in terms of activities so we decide to venture out to get a smoothie or something anyway.

We run into a group of people that had been here for a couple days. That’s when I met Jeff. He’s like a very tall hippie. He’s from southern California, too. And actually he had already been hanging out with another girl from SoCal that I forgot to mention was also on the Singapore-Chiang Mai flight. That’s Charlotte. I absolutely love her. Andrew, Jeff, Charlotte. That is who of the fam I had met so far at this point.

Gotta keep it straight, amiright? 

So anyway. Long story long. We got mango smoothies. That is it. We just got mango smoothies. And we returned to the hotel to get into our rooms and finally they were ready so this is when I met AJ!

AJ is my roommate. And she is my single favorite person I have met here so far. No offense to any of my buddies that read this blog. But if you met AJ you would know. She’s like super short, super cute, and she is straight up the easiest person to talk to I have ever met. She’s so funny. I love her I love her I love her.

Okay Brenna, pull yourself together. 

So basically first day is all about staying awake. So after probably the greatest most well-deserved shower of my life, I go about finding things to keep me occupied. The list is as follows:

Get myself some Penang curry. The tried and true, Brenna favorite, option is to fill myself with Thai food. And day-um you really cannot beat Thai cuisine. I have dreams about Thai penang curry.




Go to a market. My memory of the Chiang Mai Saturday night market was that it was huge and really fun. So I convinced everyone to go with me. See, I have this annoying habit of talking a lot about the last time I was in Chaing Mai. Like…it’s extremely difficult not to bring it up. I keep having memories about the last time I was here and wanting to share them.

I digress. 

Well the market was a bit less lively, possibly due to the recent passing of the king and I feel like things are more mellow her now because of it.

Though we did stumble upon this temple, actually we were called to it by some crazy chanting. And they were having some ceremony, and I really feel like we were inappropriately dressed and lots of other things, but they were collecting stuff for the King and there was some guy giving a blessing. And of course we didn’t know what was going on and it was kind of erie and cool.


Damn beauty shot, amiright?

So anyway. Blessing done. Squid was eaten. I got a mango. And then we promptly went home and passed out at my self-appointed bedtime of 10pm (trying to keep the jet lag at bay)

Much much more to come. The wifi at the hotel is spotty at best and yes I have been busy with other activities that I am excited to regale you with when I eventually get the time to write it all down.


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