On My Way: Thailand Bound

I’m on my way, folks. 

Mom dropped me off at the airport this morning after a filling breakfast of chicken and waffles and now I am in transit. 

And in a completely typical “Brenna traveling alone” experience, I met people going to the same program I’m going to while I was waiting for my first flight. 

So yes mother, I was alone for all of 20 minutes. A new personal record I believe. 

I was laughing a few days ago about how there’s always this voice in my head that tells me “oh you know, you will be fine alone, it will be nice to just do some things by yourself”. But I’m never alone. It just doesn’t happen. I tend to just find people immediately. 

Unfortunately, this flight situation is shaping up to be pretty anti-climatic. No 3 day layovers in Japan for me. No crazy flight situations. I’m actually currently on my first 6 hour layover in Seoul, Korea and my second Stella Artois. 

Living the dream. 

I am drinking alone right now, though. Because the people I met had an earlier flight to Singapore and then I’ll catch them up later. 

No judgement! 

However, the one new development is that the King of Thailand just died this morning. Yes, it’s seriously tragic. He was super well-loved, and the oldest reigning monarch in the world. 

There has been talk of a year long time of mourning in Thailand. So I may be wearing a lot of black. Don’t know yet. Updates to come about the status of life in Thailand. There’s also way more potential political unrest now that the king is gone. 

Cross your fingers for me, babes! 


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