Time Before Thailand

So I am currently homeless and living out of my car.

Okay. That’s not 100% true. But. I am a bit displaced.

So the month or so leading up to going to Thailand I have been working like a maniac at the LA County Fair doing hennas for snap-chatting teenagers and wine-drunk adults.



Kay I actually do kind of love my job. But the 12 hour work days can really take a toll on someone.


As the fair is over I am now about 2 weeks away from my departure with literally no preparation done so far. So do I start preparing?


Actually I take a trip to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and work on moving out of my apartment. Oh did I mention that my roommates and I were also completely moving everything out of our apartment. They were supposed to find someone to replace me, but they didn’t feel like doing that so instead we are all leaving.

So that took up about all my free time as the week went on. And then Friday night at midnight I was officially living out of my car.

Not really. 

I just went to live at Anthony’s apartment. (New boy. No I’m not like obsessed with him or anything…)

And now I must’ve started getting ready to leave?


And what did I chose to do instead of preparing for my move to another country?

I went to Vegas!


I’m being so productive right now.

Vegas was the bomb. But I think we killed ourselves after the first night because the second night we just got dressed, had a margarita, and got some Buffalo Wild Wings.

Finally I get back from Vegas. Productive now?


Instead, Anthony and I pack up all our things and drive up north. First stop: Monterey. That’s where he’s from so we got to spend some quality time in the hometown.


Isn’t he cute?

Anyway. Anthony was great with dealing with several sob-fests from yours truly as well as kind of a trooper for still spending time with me even though he knew I was going to Thailand and leaving him behind.

So then I had to leave and go to my final stop which was my mother’s house.

I was keeping all my belonging at her house. So, productive now?


I packed my bags, I went to the dentist (very necessary because I actually had a filling fall out of my mouth, like the way they do in nightmares), I had to go to the doctor and get him to sign off on some medical forms.

I found some random doctor up here who came in like “so you just need me to sign off so you can go to Thailand”


“Kay. Whatever. He’s a signature, go forth”

So that worked out great.

I realized when I arrived here that I actually had about 3 weeks worth of contacts…to last me 6 months.

And the Walmarts in the area didn’t carry my kind of daily contacts. So I had to call down south and get ahold of my Walmart and then have them rewrite the prescription for the kind of contacts they do carry up here. And then fax it over so that the people at the Marin County Walmart would release some damn contacts to me.

Come on eye clinics.

I want to buy things from you! Why do you make it so difficult?! 

And in the final royal act of procrastination paying off my visa was delivered TODAY! Literally the last possible day. The day before I leave.

Yeah…cutting that one close.

I really should learn to be productive way earlier than 5 days before I leave…but everything is ready. And I’m leaving tomorrow!

Bring on the Thai.



2 thoughts on “Time Before Thailand

  1. My beautiful one…enjoy. Make care of yourself. Your grandfather and I will be thinking of you every day…and looking so forward to your postings. Love you.

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