The End Of The World

So the others would be walking for 3 days to make it to Finisterre whereas the second day in Santiago Billy and I took the bus and made the whole journey in about 2 hours.

How depressing. 

and the hilarious thing was the bus left and I was immediately motion sick. Makes sense considering I hadn’t been in a vehicle moving over 3mph for 35 days. (This “vehicle” is my feet)

But we very quickly arrived in Finisterre which is like a little port town on the coast and it is beautiful. 

I forgot to take photos of the town. But here’s billy standing on a cliff!

And we had taken a late bus so we didn’t have much time to do anything besides eat some pulpo (very necissary) and find a spot to sleep on the beach.

We ran back into Beth the English girl and her Aussie friend Jamie while we were there. I should mention at this point we do end up seeing quite a few people that we had met along the way. Tho many of them left us in the dust!

#Robfromthebeginning had made it to Finisterre like 3 days before we even got to Santiago. But he’s like a champ so…I’m taking it slow people! 

And we got a cozy spot on the beach and passed right out like every night because I think to this moment I am still recovering from the walk.

We had a lazy morning in the town. And messaged the group because they were expecting to arrive today and it was Sean’s birthday! So we were gonna have a party before we all had to split ways.

So to kill time billy and I decided to make the last 2k trek up to the light house right at the end of the world.

It felt good to be walking again. And the view was amazing!

And this is the place where everyone like burns their clothes but I didn’t really have anything to burn. So instead I left my hat on this big pole full of junk that people just leave around and it’s very poetic.

And while we were up there we ran into the two Scottish documentarians. Graham and Alistar I know now are their names. And they filmed interviews with us.  

And then they invited us back to their camper van again and made us pasta and wine. (Well they didn’t make the wine. Obviously. You know what I mean) And the banter was flowing like it always is with the Brits. And then they gave us a ride back down so we wouldn’t have to walk.

And at the bottom we kept messaging the group because it was 4pm and they really should’ve been here by now. But no one was responding and we had been waiting to make plans with accommodation so finally we were like fine they’ve deserted us. And we found our own place. And we exit the hostel and right across the street is the whole gang!

There’s Rosie, Connor, Claudia, Csenge, Camille (and her boyfriend had come), Quentin, Sean, and they had picked up two more Brits Lydia and Eve. Who were cool. And also Jake was there who is Rosie’s friend that I think I forgot to mention joined in Santiago because he had been walking the northern route and he walked 60k one day to catch us.

And then we walked the 2k to the lighthouse again with everyone. And brought lots of drinks so we could celebrate the leaving. Which was very very sad.


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