The Day That Broke Me

Its kind of hilarious that the day that took us 5k away from Santiago was the day I finally broke.

Okay this is a bit over dramatic. 


So anyway. The deal was that we were two days from Santiago so we had to plan how those two days would look. And after my strong argument against just doing the whole 40k in one day. The group decided the best idea was to walk 35k and then stroll into Santiago the next day no problem.

Well that is like a lot of walking! 

So whatever. We had missed the group a bit the day before so we agreed to rouse from our disaster hall to meet the others at the ungodly hour of 5:30am to start the long trek to Monte de Gozo. 

And the day started out well. It was like pitch black and I don’t know if I’ve complained yet on this blog that billy lost my headlamp but Billy lost my headlamp. I’m surprised I still have the majority of my belongings whilst I’ve been hanging out with Billy so much. Billy whos lost countless things on this trip. We all were comparing our bags and how much they weighed and Billy’s had begun the trek at the most now weighs probably the least because half of it has been left behind. Bless him. 

And earlier in the morning Mark and I stopped to look at these awesome signs about travel.

And then at about 10am I realized that I had been walking with the fast part of the group and that Billy and Mark were like way behind.

I started to get a bit worried cause even I was getting tired and Billy had even begun the day not feeling too great. So we decided to take a lunch break and wait for Mark and Billy to catch up. And we took our break for an hour. And billy and Mark never showed up.

So eventually I decided just to go with the rest of the group and continue on. Camille was keeping me company at the back of the group. As the slow walkers.

And then as we keep walking I started to get pains in my shins. And I’m like Jesus Christ.  

So when the speed walkers from hell finally came to a stop at another cafe I like collapsed onto the pile of bags. And everyone is like “Brenna are you alright?” And in response I just started singing On My Own from Les Mis.

But Sean had messages Mark and Billy and told me that apparently they had gotten lost and then just decided to stop for a while and just get drunk. And all I could think of was how much I wanted to be there too. And the rest of the group (don’t get me wrong. I really do love them. But just today I was losing it a bit) was talking all about accommodation.

And at one point I was like …”if anyone talks about accommodation I’m gonna slap a bitch“. Okay maybe I was getting a little pissy…

But I just kept thinking “billy cannot make this 35k and I’m making him do it. And I’m a horrible person” etc.

Though Camille–bless her heart–was singing Disney songs with me. And we do this cute thing where I will sing the English words and she will sing the French words and it’s cool.

And so were tackling the last 8k and I’m just really really struggling and even instrumental music isn’t helping. And then I swear to god I started crying. I was like billy is gonna die. This is gonna break him. And I had the headphones and he’s lost 2 pairs so he doesn’t have any to listen to music to help him.

And we finally got to the albergue. 

And there were like 400 places. So Sean messages Billy and Mark and said that if they can make it then there will be beds for them.

And I’m just sulking at this point. I’m like “I’m a horrible person”. And I cab just imagine billy just showing up. And I was just being generally really sad until Claudia comes to the door like Billy’s here! And I was like hooray!!!

And he was okay! 

He was smiling. And I was so happy. Everyone was like that God billy made it because Brenna was so sad.

So then we got some drinks. Typical. And me and mark practiced this Scottish song that he taught me. And I played my ukelele and the rest of the night was good.

The first 8 of us had arrived first and gotten all the beds in one of the rooms. And then mark felt left out so he dragged his mat inside with us. And then we all talked about our dreams. And Quentin wants to be a Shepard. And Claudia wants a house with the whole second floor being made of glass windows.

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