The Last Little Bit

I want to comment here that I am at this point carrying like the larger percent of my things on the outside of my bag.

As you can see by the photo above every morning I strap on my hat, my mat, and my ukelele. And then fill the outside pockets with my shoes, food, and water. And then I drag my coat along too.

So today I ended up in the back again with Mark and Billy. And the whole way we were just like…screw this fast pace. So as the others were racing ahead to make sure they could beat the crowds, we took the opposite approach. We stopped at all the cafes. We ate all the ice lollies (that’s British for Popsicle). We let everyone pass us becuase we had mats and we decided to sleep out.

So we arrived and the others had secured places in line like an hour earlier. And honestly even at our slow pace we could’ve probably got beds but I think we wanted to make a point to everyone so we rolled out our mats on the ground outside of the albergue anyway!

And we took a nap on the group for like 3 hours.

Then Billy snuck into their albergue to shower. And came back out to get our clothes to put them in the wash but on his way back in he got clocked by the albergue guy. Like “Can I see your credentials?” And then billy ducked out before he got in trouble. So we had to have the others put our clothes in the wash.

And then Rosie made a big nice vegan meal. I think she’s trying to convert us all! But regardless it was delicious but billy couldn’t come into the albergue cause the guy already knew he was a mooch.

But then when I went out to bring him and Mark a plate of food they were no where to be found. But after a bit of searching I found them at the bar next door where they had made friends with two Scottish documentarians who were hilarious. And they bought us all drinks and then when the others had to go to sleep cause they had to cater to the albergues 10pm curfew the Scotts invited us to their camper van. And then they pulled out like a dozen different bottles of whiskey!

And the scots went nuts over it! 

Mark was in his element. They were talking all about flavors and stuff about whiskey and about pouring in the right amount of water. And I think we tried about 7 different whiskeys and the whole time all the British boys were just bantering and I couldn’t even keep up. Those Brits.

And finally we had to go back to our beds (mats) and we laid out under the stars and it was actually incredible.

Mark has this thing that he said about how compostella means “fields of stars” and how we are all like stars that come together and make a constellation and then we are flung back around the world to spread our light. I like it.

The next day the others came to wake us up at 5:30! And we were like yeah…nah. 

So we went and slept for another 2 hours and then roused ourselves at 7:30 and then took off at a very lazy pace. And stopped almost immediately in the town for some coffee and toast. So we didn’t even leave the city until about 8:20 and we kept just stopping everywhere and we couldn’t be bothered like the whole day.

And we kept just justifying it to ourselves like “oh yeah screw the crowds”.

At like 11 we reached the town that was famous for pulpo (that’s octopus)

And it was dee-licious! Though Mark couldn’t come in cause he is really disgusted by pulpo. But billy and I downed a plate.

So we walk about 25k that day and roll into the town at about 5:30pm. But seriously we weren’t even screwed! They were putting up all the leftover peregrinos in this big gymnasium. So it was us and a bunch of italian scouts. And it seemed like the set of some disaster movie where we were all the survivors camped out. And it wasn’t even that bad of a night’s sleep!

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