The Crowds Arrive

Today was the day we would be walking through Sarria. 

And Sarria was the place about 100k from the end where everyone starts. Like groups of scouts and families and your groups and people on church trips all start because you have to walk at least 100k to get a compostella at the end.

So we were very wary of these new additions. 

Billy, Mark, Csenge and I got behind the group right at the beginning because we stopped to get an espresso. I mean–I can barely make it through the morning with my double shot so how the others manage without even that is beyond me. 

And at this point I was getting a bit tired of the pace of the group. Everyone seems to be racing for beds and I’ve just gotten a bit tired of it. I’m not nearly as fast or as modivated, but lucky for me Mark and Billy share my opinions so we took the day easy. Making a lot of stops.

Usually I’ll do a coffee stop. Then a second coffee stop with tortilla. Then the third stop is usually ice cream. Then the fourth is like a beer or most likely another ice cream because I do tend to eat like 3 a day….

So at like 9am we lost Csenge, but at the next stop Sean caught up to us. He had slept in and then raced ahead and caught up. So he joined our moseying train for the rest of the day.

We took a long lunch break in Sarria with was filled with people arriving off buses. And everyone we met on the walk that day seemed to be freaking out about everything being booked! 

And so I spent 10 euros buying a sleeping mat just in case we would have to camp out. Which honestly didn’t sound too bad to me!

And we had decided as a group not to stay in Sarria because there would be loads of people. So we continued on 5k and when we arrived there were only 2 beds left at the albergue. 

And Sean really needed a bed because he had gotten some really bad burns and they looked all gross and red and his skin was peeling off and it was bloody and really he was just a mess. And then mark was like way keen to sleep outside and Billy needed to save money. So I ended up taking the bed and then immediately felt super bad about it.

But everything turned out okay.

Because the place down the road had a pool and if you bought a drink you could swim there. And turns out they had beds available and so mark and billy decided just to book in there. So thank god. 

And I ended up having to go get Billy’s shit from our albergue and walking back with it. He didn’t ask me to and I know if he reads this he’s gonna be like “oh Brenna you make be out to be such a twat”. But I went to get his passport and credentials because remember at this point I’m carrying them because I don’t trust billy not to lose them. And now it’s double-y important because he needs his stamps to get a compostella.

Anyway then I was like “might as well carry everything” and that’s why I carried Billy’s bag like almost a kilometer back to him which totally wore me down. But not to worry because there was a pool and a nice dish of fishy paella to keep me very happy.

We slept in the next day and awoke to like hoards of people. For the first time there were like crowds on the way. And you would actually get stuck behind people. And no one really knew to say “buen Camino”! So honestly we were getting a bit bothered by all the tours and groups of italian scouts.

This dude still had the tag on his bag. Fucking nube.

Luckily it was only a 16k day because of the extra we had walked before. And we arrived to Portomarin very early.

Not earlier than like Rosie and Quentin and Connor and Claudia but that’s like…totally understandable because they are like motherfreaking rockets. 

And by like 12 there was a huge line for the albergue which made all the others get really freaked out about places. 

Billy’s gonna be pissed when he sees I put this photo up. Lol. That’s us waiting for the hostel.

And at night we went to the park and mark tried to teach us Scottish dancing and then we tried to make a human pyramid which totally failed.  And then we played games until it was 10 and that’s bedtime for peregrinos because that’s when the albergue closes.

And also we met puppies!

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