The Big Hill

So we take off from Villafranca and this was actually one of the coolest mornings because it was pitch black and pouring rain. And as we are walking every few minutes lightning lights up everything. 

And it’s pretty scary.

At one point we’re huddled in this tunnel and a big bolt of lightning goes off and then the lights in the tunnel go out. And we’re like…ahhhhh. 

Today we were prepared for a really tough day. It was 20k of flat and then 10k of a really steep hill.

And billy remembered it being the hardest of the Camino. And my mom had written “hard walk at the end of the day” on that page and also warned me about it.

But like all of the things my mom has written thus far (lol. Love you mom)–she was totally wrong. I think I must have over prepared myself for the hill because we started going up–and don’t get me wrong, climbing for 10k with a huge pack on is difficult.

On a side note: I think I have acquired like 5 more pounds of weight for my pack! With Minnie and my shoes and all the shampoo and conditioner I bought….but I’m still managing fine. Though I have like 3 things hanging from my bag at this point.


On the hill I got going on so many endorphins I was like so jazzed. 

And we crossed into Galicia halfway.

And finally  we made it to the top and got spots in the municipal. And it was freezing up there. 

And then after siesta I’m watching the boys play chess–which is like all they do all the time! How can you play that much chess??? It’s not even a very exciting game. And billy comes in like: “I left my phone halfway down the hill”

To which I’m like: “you. Have. Got. To. Be. Kidding. Me”

And he’s like “I’m gonna have to go back to find it”

And I’m like “well good luck boy. This is not my deal”. And I’m already carrying his passport and pilgrim credentials because I don’t trust him not to lose them.

But before he leaves he asks the receptionist and someone had carried it and left it there.

Lucky doesn’t even describe it. 

The rest of the night was filled with pulpo and massages.

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