Just Keep Walking

We woke up later because Mark was like overjoyed at the prospect of walking to see the sunrise from this peak by this giant wood cross.

So we walked up a totally unnecessary hill to see the sunrise in the freezing cold. But it was pretty beautiful.

And for the rest of the morning we were walking at the top of the mountain. Except for at one point we were walking behind a bunch of cows…

And we reached this statue that I don’t know why it’s there or anything but it’s a peregrino and so we obviously took it as an opportunity for a photo.

And then the last part of the day was all downhill. Which is always a strugg for me cause then my poor pinky toes get totally smashed.

But we got to Tricastello. 

Where we were early to the hostel and then we ended up in nice small rooms where we could sleep with eachother and not with weird Spanish ladies who snore really loudly. Tho Quentin totally snores. And I keep losing earplugs so it’s getting harder and harder to make it through the night. Lucky that I packed enough unisom to knock out a large horse.

We spent the day stealing wifi from a bar and then buying a lot of wine and playing drinking games. And Quentin and Sean picked up a bunch of liquor shots that came in little plastic bags like ketchup packets which were proper disgusting.

And we stayed up way past the hostel bed time and made a bunch of other pilgrims pretty mad. And Mark and Csenge decided to sleep outside for some godforsaken reason even thought they had already paid for the actual bed.

But I’m not making any judgement.

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