Into Galicia

Departing from Ponferadda we were counting down the days until Erin would leave us because she got caught up without time and ended up with not enough days. And this was her 2nd to last day.

And I don’t remember that much about the walk but I do remember that unlike the way we usually walk where everyone tends to spread out across the Camino and we only meet up at stops. Rosie, Connor and Claudia are fast. And usually Quentin now. Erin and Mark usually catch up at the end. Billy and I are slow-ish.

But today we like all walked together. 

And when we’re together we are usually singing.

So leaving ponferadda it is literally pouring! And we are loving it! I think we were all just so excited to have something that wasn’t boiling hot! And we look like proper pilgrims all covered up in rain gear don’t we?

I mean…Erin’s sexy orange pancho is the highest peak of fashion in NYC she assures us.

And I think the feeling of losing our queen was making us feel like we had to slow down a bit. So we kept stopping at literally every stop.

And we got wine at like 9am. 

But I mean…were in Spain. I think the amount of wine I’ve been drinking might be defined as alcoholism in the states…but when in Spain I guess.

And a glass of locally made vino tinto from Bierzo is totally worth it. Even if I wouldn’t even be awake in the U.S. If I wasn’t on this godforsaken walk.

We got to Villa Franca relatively late. 

And there was a place for 5 euros and it looked like a pretty hippie place but Billy was like “there was bed bugs here last year” but we were kind of like “ah nah billy. It looks cool.

So we pay for the beds and we go up and put our stuff down and find

Giant ass grown bed bugs!

Like big ones all over the beds. And so we ran terrified and had to embarrassingly get all our money back and then find beds at the municipal. Which was nice and we really should’ve gone there first.

We started work on a fake compostella for Erin because she wasn’t gonna make it to Santiago.

And after went to find the boys who had gone to a bar and I found Billy had been adopted by some American family from Illinois but eventually he decided we were better company.

But then it started raining!

We were so excited! 

And this time it was pouring and so we had to run as quick as possible into a restaurant. And we were all shelling out for a nice meal because it was Erin’s last night with us.

And we presented her with our homemade compostella which I did the letter work on.

And Mark bought a bottle of champagne and we all celebrated! Or maybe pretended not to think about the impending separation.

Erin decided not to walk the next morning.

We were going into a more remote part of the countryside and it didn’t make sense for her to walk even further from bus stations. So we had to say a tearful goodbye to Erin in the morning.
And then we ventured into Galicia!

One thought on “Into Galicia

  1. So lovely..can’t believe it is close to an end! You have really done quite an adventure. It should bring many smiles as you relive walks!! Love you!!

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