The Last Leg Begins

the Camino feels like 3 stages kind of with Burgos and Leon being the dividing marks. So after this we were looking forwards to being out of the Meseta.

But it wasn’t long until disaster struck. 

So we had been walking about 12k out of the city. It was already a relatively easy day and we were only walking about 24k total. We reach this little point where this nice man is giving out snacks and billy goes to get out his pilgrim passport.

And it’s not there. 

In fact. His real passport is missing as well. 

Well shit. 

And billy is so forgetful all the time and I was alternating between being so mad that he left it but also trying to comfort him.

Luckily Erin our goddess jumped in like the savior she is and immediately was like “we’re gonna call the hostel. We can go back and get it”.

And 15 minutes later Billy and Erin had gotten a taxi and left us to walk alone. And it was very worrying. I kept myself distracted for the next 8k. Until we caught back up to mark who is the only one with cell service like billy and so I was like “message Billy and see if he found anything” 

But there was no response. 

So I’m just walking and trying not to think about it but I’m still a bit worried. And we’re tackling the last 4k when from behind me I hear

“Brenna! Billy found his passport!” 

He had made it to a town back and was taking a break before continuing on.

That boy is so freaking lucky.

So the last bit of the walk I was much less stressed out over. We got to the city and the first albergue had a pool. Well it was a smallish above ground pool but at this point we have very low standards of luxury.

And that’s when Lars arrived with a new addition to our group. And his name is Sean and he’s American! And he goes to freaking Harvard! Which we all can’t seem to get past and I’m not used if he will ever be anything but Sean from Harvard.

And then Erin and Billy arrived. 

And we all went swimming and tanning and it was such a nice was to end a day that freaked me out.

The next day I found this sad sign. Because I don’t think I’ve spent more than 10 minutes being silent since the beginning of this whole journey and everyone found it ironic.

But regardless we continued with much noise. 

Because Sean the American had brought a speaker and so mark pumped club music out.

And the blessing of today’s trip was when we reached the top of he last hill and this hippie Spaniard with a man bun and shorty shorts was giving away all this shirt for free.

And he had peanut butter.

The amount of excitement we had over this peanut butter was a bit ridiculous.

Though my peanut butter and banana sandwich could not be rivalled.

And this is when the American from hell descended  upon us.

Okay I’m being dramatic. 

Let’s call him Mr. Americano. But he’s really not too bad but for sake of the story let’s pretend this is the worst thing ever. 🙂

And then were walking and he catches up to us with his cargo shorts and little weird ascot thing. And at one point I’m like “wow we picked up 2 Americans in one day” and he goes “whoa there. You haven’t picked me up yet”

Well okay! Sorry to be presumptuous. 

So this is when I’m like yup. Okay. Bye. It’s like not worth it to walk with someone you don’t get on with. So I let him move on ahead to bother billy.

But he wouldn’t go away. 

And then he starts talking to Sean who (bless him) is too polite to remove himself from a conversation. And tommy starts telling him all the stuff that he doesn’t need like he’s the most knowledgeable person on the Camino.

“Do you have shampoo? Don’t need that.” Etc.

I couldn’t stop myself from being like “I bought shampoo and conditioner and I’m happy I have both”.

And then he called his style “Camino chic”. So big freaking eyeroll for that. But then when we got to Astorga he ended up in the same albergue as Us. And even in the same room! It was tragic. And he started doing push-ups and we all were just like “wtf dude?”

Then I signed billy up for this thing where students came and looked at his feet. And we had like 3 of us translating and the students just had no idea what do do with him. There was like 4 students gathered around all consulting with eachother in Spanish and for a while it appeared that just no one had a clue what to do with him. And they kept just feeling around and asking what hurt. And finally I think the decision was made just to Cut off the dead skin and make it look like something had been done. Which was a Nobel effort but didn’t really help anything.

And Camille bought billy skittles for his time at the place kind of like when you are a kid and you get candy for going to the doctor.

And I’ve been practicing with Minnie and it’s been amazing.

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