I’m Loving Leon

We made it to Leon! 

And the walk into the city was mostly through car parks and along the road which was not the greatest but it went pretty quickly.

First steps into the city we run into some really really friendly old Spanish man who was keen on giving us advice about Leon. He seemed super excited to be talking to us.

My primary goal after unloading all of our shit into our albergue was to buy myself a ukelele! 

I was very excited. 

So we traversed across the city to a music store where I found a small ukelele, but it was like 75 euros. And they didn’t even have any cases! But the guy did call another music store and they said they had a case.

But the place closed at 2pm for siesta and it was already 1:45 and damn siesta–I didn’t want to wait for like 4 hours. Because I am still impatient despite 3 weeks in Spain where I’m supposed to be mellowing out and shit.

So I sped walked like a boss across town. 

And like snagged they guy at the music shop and found the most precious ukelele ever! 

And I named her Minnie! 

Cause my guitar is named Mickey like Mickey Mouse and so she’s Minnie Mouse but also she’s mini!! Isn’t that the cutest thing ever! 

This is the single greatest purchase of the Camino! She is so great and I’m going to be a ukelele pro by the end of the walk. Best day ever!

And then we got some drinks and in Spain they do this amazing thing where for every drink you buy you also get a little bit a food to Noms on and they call it a pincho. Which I think is Spanish for “godsent bit of free food”.

And then we took this totally hip photo  before we went out for the night.

And we were pissed because our uptight hostel closed at 10:30 and nothing starts in Spain until like 12 so we were having FOMO about the party that  we world have to miss.

But not to worry. Cheap beer and tapas cure every problem. And the boys got roped in by some young Spanish girl that schmoozed them into sitting at the bar and ordering drinks. But at least we got chips. (They are god damn potato chips and I refuse to call them crips like the Brits who I’m travelling with)

And we loved Leon so much that we decided to stay another day. 

Because of Rosie. I mean if we have to I guess we can stay one more day. I guess we can make that sacrifice.

Time to party! 

So we sleep in. (To 8am) which doesn’t sound like much but it feels like a luxurious situation. But then we get kicked out of the albergue and we realize that today is a feast day in the city. Which means that absolutely everything is booked up and we don’t wanna spend the night at the same albergue because they were totally restricting our social schedule but the situation was dire. 

We trek through the town in the early morning and this is the first day we havent walked. And it feels sort of eerie. Like I’m skipping a class and feeling guilty about it. And the guilt turned to despair when then 24 hour albergue we were told about was all full.

Erin went off to check out the options and we all collapse in the square by the beautiful cathedral. And Csenge is looking on air b&b and the most likely course of action appears to be to seperate into pair or small groups and find people to stay with. And as we are contemplating our inevitable separation over the much necissary morning tortilla Erin our savior arrives. 

And she has swindled us a whole floor of a hostel. And gotten the lady to charge us only 15 euros each. There are 4 rooms and each has its own shower and a bathtub. And the entire thing is all ours.

I almost cried. 

So we skipped with joy over to that hostel. (Metaphorically skipping because our bodies I don’t think would physically let us skip anymore). Regardless we are mentally skipping over to this happy new hostel.

And then I took like a 5 hour siesta. 

So it’s officially afternoon when we venture lazily back into the city. And handle all the necissary errands like more soap and deodorant and other things to keep us from becoming utter vagrants. Though the general attitude toward hygiene is “if it doesn’t smell too bad then I really cannot be bothered” second maybe to “we all smell bad, right?”

Anyways. It is the feast day of St. James so there are markets set up. And I bought myself this little number.

Which felt like pure luxury after all the grime. We got even more tapas and more wine. And then we all joined back up for the nightly plans.

So the adventure began in the supermarket when we were all deciding what alcohol to buy. More specifically how much to buy cause there’s a fine line between celebrating our night in the city but then also being able to walk in the morning.

We ended up with sangria punch. Oh and how could I forget mark bought these frozen lemonade things and then used limoncello to make delicious lemonade drinks. He was very proud of the whole situation. 

There he is with his little concoctions. Mark gets so enthusiastic about stuff that even though it’s not actually that exciting. You can’t help but get excited too.

Anyway we were playing games and then went out to get more tapas and wine but honestly even though we would all love to party hard I think we’ve adjusted to the Camino lifestyle where 10pm is an acceptable bedtime and it’s really hard to move too fast cause obvious all your leg muscles are sore.

Though we did end up at one bar playing mafia. That game where people put their heads down and then murder eachother and stuff. Proving for fact that the Camino has reduced us to the age of primary school children. To be honest I think we all like hanging out with eachother way more than the idea of socializing with other Spaniards. We all really do love eachother. It’s kind of adorable.

So we passed the fuck out and then couldn’t be bothered to wake up early so we left at like 7am which is Camino sleeping in.


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