So we got a relatively late start getting out of Astorga but that worked in our favor because tommy got annoyed and bailed on our slow pace.

We decided at the last stop to do the last 6k drunk again and this time Sean joined us. What a trooper. It’s cool to have another American to back up my ideas and to know about Greek life and stuff.

And today we finished at the top of this lovely hill. And we were all pretty drunk.

And the town looked more like a collection of decrepit stone structures than actual buildings. And the word town is really being pretty generous because there were like 3 albergues and one medieval bar where we all went for dinner.

And we got like these massive hamburgers. Sean and I ate them without cutting them up like proper Americans!

And this is the way billy has to get around now because his feet are still very bad.

In order to properly digest our hamburgers we brought Minnie out and had a singalong on top of the mountain. Sean, Camille, and I were the most involved in it. We got quite an excited audience by the end of our night. And then as we were going home we got roped in by some Spaniards who wanted to to play music and they had drums so then I got to reprise all the new songs I had just learned. And we all sang Beatles songs because music is universal!

And the next day was maybe the best of the trip!

In terms of scenery. And also because we were going to Ponferadda and my friend Annie had lived there for a year when she was in high school and so she had been telling me all the shit to do so I was pretty excited.

The walk got so much better.

So we started out over the mountain.  And then just as it was getting later in the morning we came around the mountain and the Fog went away and you could look out over all the mountains and it was so incredible.

But I ended up getting like a kilometer ahead of billy with the rest of the group cause he strugs going downhill. I struggle going downhill. Cause all my toes get so smooshed in my shoes.

But we made it to ponferadda! (This one is for you Annie!)

This city is like nestled in between a bunch of mountains and it’s very precious.

And we get to the albergue and billy had forgotten his pilgrim credentials! I swear to god that boy would lose his own head of it wasn’t attached to his body! But I couldn’t give him too much shit for it because he was already really pissed at himself. And it made him grumpy for a while. But hey gave him a new one at the albergue. He just lost his stamps which does kind of suck cause they were his proof that he walked the whole way. But he finally cheered up enough to be ready to leave. And then we adventured out into the city.

And there is a castle!!

And I’m pretty sure this was my first official castle I have ever seen. I’m pretty sure. Like I’ve seen a palace but this was like a proper castle like from Monty Python or a Lego set!

I got to walk around and climb up a freaking tower! I felt like I was on a movie set. Billy was like unimpressed because England is like overcrowded with castles and they dot really give any shits about it any more! Pity. 

And the rest of the night was spent the way it usually is with a meal made by Quentin and some ukelele and more vino tinto and just a jolly good time. Quentin told us about how he got involved in an international jewel smuggling ring. And I sent all my pictures to Annie so she could see how much fun I was having in her city.

Cheers for this night! 


2 thoughts on “Foncebadon-Ponferadda

  1. You are so lovely — just read the last three. Your mother was here and she read #1 and #2 to us over the kitchen table..that was so good. Love your new dress, also. Love you…

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