Last Stop Before Leon

So we depart from Bercianos where Mark is up from the courtyard and we are bound for Mansilla.

Actually all these towns have like 4 names but I can’t be bothered to remember all 4 words. 

We made it through the morning and our way through the Camino has shifted. Whereas in the beginning we were marching on quickly in order to secure beds and not have to walk through the heat we have all begun to get a bit lazy and more mellowed out about the whole walking process and now we kind of mosie along and make a lot of stops.

And Camille and Rosie are both relatively slow at this point. So we’re all slow. 

And we make it to the last stop, 6k before Mansilla and Billy and I are proper exhausted so what is the plan to make the last 6k bearable? Let’s buy a 6 pack! 

And then we got nice and drunk on the walk with made the time pass much quicker. And I told another story. The was one about a tractor and one about a butterfly which had a good moral about seeing beauty. My stories have multiple layers now. 

The hostel in Mansilla was pretty snazzy and like everyone on the Camino was staying there. Including Ryan the Canadian.

And then because they have 1.50 euro wine and they all come with tapas for free! I freaking love this country.

Oh let me top off your cheap wine with a delicious snack of some sort of chorizo dish or possibly calamari or a bit of tortilla. Thank you. 

And so we just kept drinking all night. And Erin made this delicious meal of steak and potatoes. 

And I seriously died of joy. Erin is a goddess sent to earth and we really don’t deserve her as part of our Camino family.

Then we all started singing!

Well actually. I stepped outside and returned to a whole courtyard full of people who go “there she is! Sing! Sing!” Because apparently in my absence mark had been telling everyone how I like to sing. And so then I was thrust into impromptu karaoke!

But Ryan saved me.

Because he played the Aladdin to my Jasmine and we sang “A whole new world” and then I did a little bit of “part Of Your World” and everyone applauded so I guess that was my little dose of ego for the week. Lovely. 

And also earlier billy and Quentin had put on these ridiculous outfits. 

And I also got to FaceTime Marah and Ashley. So overall it was kind of a bomb day.

One thought on “Last Stop Before Leon

  1. This is so good — I am with you — maybe not “all” the wine!!! I hope you do not mind — I am sharing your blog with my few friends on you…

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