More Of Literally Nothing

I am dying. My dear lord this Meseta is soul-crushing! I am so dead. There is nothing to look at but corn fields and there is nothing to do but put one foot in front of the other but I have been telling a lot of stories. 

I can’t remember the walk to Fromista because every walk has been all the same!! But I remember we got there and first thing we ran into Mark. Who had gone ahead and had apparently woken up that day and just decided “fuck it I’m not gonna walk

But I’m convinced he just missed us.

And Paul the Australian had hurt his knee doing a 40k day and was out for a few days.

Why do people keep pushing themselves and hurting themselves?? Come on people….

The town was very sleep and it was Sunday so everything was closed. So we took a nice long (hot) siesta and then ate a nice dinner of chorizo and cheese bocadillos for the thousandth meal in a row. 

And then Connor kicked all of our asses in Texas holdem. I taught Camille how to play go fish and we all drank a bottle of wine.

I feel like we are starting to get into a routine  

The next morning we woke up to the news that Connor and Claudia had looked at one of the other beds in our room and had seen bed bugs straight up crawling under the mattress. And then he went to tell the hospitelero which was not a good idea because then the owner started accusing Connor of bringing them in! And so we ran away really fast before we got in trouble.

Some people at these places. 

It was a long day. 

Typical Meseta bull shit. But soon enough we arrived in Carrion de Los Condes. Where they had a cool albergue run by nuns.

And after a throuough search for bed bugs. 

We went a legitimately nice supermarket and i bought Oreos! And then proceeded to eat the entire sleeve in like .4 seconds. And we got more cheese and chorizo and then all had a picnic down by the river.

And then Erin caught up to us. 

We had left her in Burgos because her old Hungarian roommate Csenge was coming to meet us. And then the two of them plus Csenge’s sister had bused to catch up to us.

And guess how long the bus ride was?

1.5 hours. 

It took us 4 days to get this far!!!

That’s really depressing. 

So then we got some tinto de verano which is the cheaper version of sangria and that means it’s just lemonade and red wine. But it’s hella refreshing. 

And then the nuns played music for us 

And they also made us a huge communal dinner. I mean…it was pasta with tuna but I tried to be a good sport and just stomach the tuna which I really am not a huge fan of.

I met another Californian guy named John, but he was one of those Camino types that seems to think his way is the best way to do the Camino. Like “oh I bet you just walked past this church…but don’t worry most people do. But I went in and the was amazing”

Pay close attention to the following over the top eyeroll. 

Anyway, I slept very well. Though the nights get kind of hot. But I’ve gotten into the habit of eating like 3 ice cream items a day…so that keeps my tummy cold. 

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