And the Meseta Begins

Here is the Meseta. 

Which I believe is Spanish for “barren, hot, wasteland that goes on forever”. 

And this is where the “physical” part of the Camino becomes “mental”.

And I really think we are all going a little bit mental. 

We are getting so paranoid about bed bugs. Mark had written back to us on Facebook about some places having bed bugs and so we were very worried. Pretty sure we’re going to come out of the Meseta all twitchy like “there are bed bugs everywhere!

So this day in the desert was very hot but it was only about a 20k day and after the 30k we had been doing going into Burgos, it wasn’t too bad. But I ended up like a kilometer ahead of billy and then realized that I had all the water. 

So I was convinced he was gonna pass out. Rosie and I got a spot in line for the hostel quick and then I ran back to bring Billy some water. And he was doing not so great but what else is new. 

After a joyous siesta we spent the night in the sleepiest town so far, playing cards and listening to our hospitelero play songs on his guitar.

Then we woke up to more desert!!

And then after a monotonous amount of walking we ended up in Castrojeriz. 

Where they were having a GARLIC FESTIVAL! 

And we stayed at the hostel where my mom had written “not too nice” and it was like very nice. So I have confirmed again the belief that my mom had a very posh Camino experience. I bet she never had to nap in a pool of her own sweat. Hardy har har. 

Anyway I bought myself a new dress and we all got drunk off beers while playing drinking games and then the girls got free soup!

Which made us all smell like garlic! And the boys bailed on the long line cause they hadn’t got there fast enough.

Slow pokes. 

And then we slept to the sound of party music playing until we woke up at 5am.


And Camille is also convinced a dog ran in in the middle of the night. But she can only get other French people to confirm so I’m convinced she’s hallucinating. Some sort of French conspiracy. 

5 thoughts on “And the Meseta Begins

  1. Define “pool”… more than an inch deep? no.

    Keep the daily posts coming, I’m steeped in envy.

    I believe garlic attracts bed bugs… (old Spanish myth, probably not true…)

    Love you, Boo! Good luck with the heat! Drink lots of water!

    (Remember if needed I did offer to fund pair of Salomon’s one size larger, if toes dying. Also, I didn’t stay there, just heard from others it was one of the worst they stayed at … but definitely I travelled more “posh.”)

  2. I would certainly fund two pairs of such shoes — one for you and one for Billy!!!!! Love you…Have you thought of small cuts in your shoes — to lessen the pressure on specific toes??? Just wondering…

  3. It is Thursday , July 23rd..”gorgeous grandmother day”..thought that should bring a smile to your face! Love you! Gg

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