Oh Burgos, Let Me Count The Ways I Love Thee

The title of this post in inspired by Marks undying love for this city. 

Erin had hyped us up about Burgos because she had actually lived there for a year about a decade ago.

On a totally random and pointless side note: I totally miss normal bras. I wish I had brought at least one. My life is spent in the same 2 sports bras and I’m dying. 

The walk into the city was rough. Especially for Billy. But I mean, what’s new?? 

The last 10k or so was just walking all the way into the city which actually turned out to be beautiful. And we got there very early and got prime spots in the very lovely municipal hostel and then I got some ice cream!

I look so cute in my hat. And after a bit more surgery on Billy’s feet we met up with Erin to check out the city.

We went around the beautiful huge cathedral.   Which cost money to get in to and at this point Mark finds us and apparently after less than 24 hours he has become an expert of Burgos.


And he’s raving and has clearly used his free day to completely rejuvenate himself. And he’s in great spirits unlike the rest of us who are desperately searching for food. And billy is actually getting quite angry at this point so eventually he stomps into a bar and orders 2 of everything. And after that he was in a much better mood.

I bought another knife too. So I was also really happy.

Then we got an SOS from Quentin because his friend Camille from France was coming to Burgos to walk the rest of the Camino with him and our albergue had filled up so we had to sneak her in. Camille won me over immediately because she brought French pastries.

Then—in typical fashion–all the girls went shopping! 

And Erin splurged for a pair of 100euro shoes and I got some (cheaper) pair as well.

Which have actually turned out to be the best purchas of the trip. And besides–my backpack was too light anyway.   

Then I found my boys back along the river and billy was proud cause he had found a supermarket and got wine and and stuff for sandwiches. He also got me an avocado to replace the one we had devoured a few days earlier.

However I still needed other essentials like kiwis and shampoo so then Rosie and I got lost searching for the other supermarket and must have walked the the whole length of Burgos by the end. And then it started raining. 

Well sprinkling pretty much.

But it was still lovely. 

And we snuck Camille into the hostel no problem and we all went to sleep in a nice fog of lemon scented bed bug spray.

Oh I had forgotten to mention Claudia woke up with what we were sure we’re bed bugs so in a grand act of fear and paranoia we washed everything and then sprayed the shit out of our beds. 

Buen Camino indeed. 


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