Walking And Walking

So we are leaving Najara

And this morning with a tearful goodbye to Vincent–Billy, Me, Quentin and Lukas set off together. And Lukas walks like a proper soldier. 

We ran back into Mark and Paige from Canada on the way. She had told us she walked the 30k the day before but she never passed us, and she got there before us looking very refreshed so we were suspicious that she actually took the bus and then lied about it. 

But I’m not calling anyone out. 

We made it to Santa Domingo which is a big city and we stayed in this big posh municipal albergue with big rooms. 

I bought myself a knife and we all parked ourselves at a bar where Quentin and Lukas started making sandwiches and as I’m taking a bite of a twix bar I found I look over and the bar lady is making a nasty face at them and so (mouthful of chocolate) I go “I don’t think you guys should be making sandwiches”. 

Which was ironic. 

And then Emily and David showed up and David was grumpy about walking at this point. 

Mark bought a squirt gun. Quentin made dinner. And I cried that night fixing Billy’s feet (maybe a bit because I had drank a lot of wine, but also because his feet are just so bad and I just feel awful for him) 

I actually attracted a crowd with Billy while I was taking my newly purchased syringe and sucking puss out of his blisters. And then as we’re going upstairs some Spanish man thrusts a syringe into my hand and then I had to do the same for a random Spanish lady. 

I have become the blister master of the Camino. 

Nothing disgusts me anymore. I’ve had blood and puss all over me. At one point I went too deep with one of Billy’s threads and his blister got all bloody and nasty. He also has like this bloody raw sores between his toes. It’s actually tragic. 

My lord why do I make myself do this?? 

The next day we were going to El Dorado. 

Well technically it’s called Beldorado but it was a long day so it felt like the journey to El Dorado. 

Billy and I had a bomb convo about education and I remember it because afterwards we were like “cheers mate” “good conversation”

And I bought an avocado and planned to make it last the whole day but ate like the whole thing in one sitting and then left my new knife at the bar! 

We got to the hotel which had a pool! Which was a luxury from God! And we almost couldn’t even handle the amazing. Though the pool was fricking frigid. 


Emily and David came and David was having a really rough day. It was getting hotter and hotter. 

We went into the city and I got a bomb ass hat that makes me look so amazing. And we got a bottle of wine and made avocado sandwiches. 


The next day we set off and little did we know that was the last time we would see Emily and David. 

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