Last Stop Before Burgos

Quentin is such a stereotypical French man with the baguettes in his bag. 

So we were excited to get to Burgos because we had been living in these tiny cities and we decided to go even farther this day so the day before Burgos would be small.

Which Billy wasn’t so happy about. 

This was also the day the Mark (who had gone ahead) had gotten to Burgos. And go ahead and ask me if Mark liked Burgos.

He fucking loved Burgos. 

He has us all in this group message where he just kept going on and on about “Burgos, let me count the ways I love thee” and “my god staying a hotel was so amazing”. And here we all are suffering in the heat and these ring ass town and just like….alright mark. 

The first part of the day was okay. The second part wasn’t super great and then Billy got super grumpy. 

And he got to the second to last stop last and just stomped into the bar, threw down his fanny pack, and grumpily ordered 2 cervesas (beer). Then he just sat there silently sulking while we all ate our tortillas or ice cream and didn’t say anything to anyone.

I was worried about getting beds so we eventually decided to leave billy to walk his own pace and I took his pilgrim passport and real passport and I left my iPod and headphones with billy to modivated him (this is an amazing amount of trust for someone I have know probably like 10 days at this point).

So we leave and about 15 minutes in Quentin realizes that he forgot his scarf and we’re all kind of like…”leave it man”. Cause it’s just so tragic to have to turn around on the walk. But in his French accent, Quentin insists that he “loves that scarf” and then turns around to go get it.

I swear to god even if I left my phone behind I would be like…I’m sorry. It’s done. It’s gone forever. 

So we finally get to Atapuerca which is like some place where some old human was found but literally i couldn’t give a shit at this point because the last 10k were straight on the road in the blazing hot sun and it’s like 2pm at this point. But not to worry we got the last 7 beds at the albergue. 

I want to refresh you readers on the group at this point. It’s me, my boys Billy from Oxford and Quentin from France. Rosie from north England, Connor and Claudia the couple from Melbourne, and Erin from New York. 

And after a shower Billy and Quentin hadn’t reached us yet and so I went out and rescued them because they had reached the little sleepy town and then had nowhere to go.

Siesta felt so good that day. 

And after an over-charged dinner of patatas bravas (aka potatoes with weird spicy sauce) and a really sad game of chess with Quentin. Who is the chess master! We call his moves the “sneaky Quentin”. We went the fuck to sleep.

And woke up with bed bugs! 

Okay not really…but Claudia has a big bed bug scare the next day on the way to Burgos.

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