I Have Gotten Ahead Of Myself

I am so many days behind on my blog. I’m so sorry. 

Anyway. We are on the walk out of La Grono and this was hell. 31k in one day and it was getting hot.

Here are my boys. 


And we make the first ten. And we’re okay and the the second ten. 

At the 20k stop we were dead! I’m walking with Billy and Quentin at this point and we stop for 1 hour. I got a pizza and a beer and Quentin was actually dead. He was a while behind for most of the walk. And we were actually worried he wouldn’t make it and at this point my damn pinkie toes were just so fucked up.

But we finally plucked up the strength to continue on! 

And the last 10 was worse because my phone died and I had to give my earphones to Billy cause he is really rough and music makes him feel better.

But we got a bit of comic relief when we come over a hill and see a town and Billy goes “I think that’s the town!” And I’m like “nah that’s to close” and he pulls out fucking Brierley (the worlds least reliable guidebook) and we’re looking at the map for today and I’m like “no we have to go through ‘too-nell”

And billy goes “Brenna that says tunnel”

Oh brother.

We finally got to Najara where the accommodation was a huge donativo with like a hundred beds. And I ended up like 3 inches away from a strange Spanish man so I begged Quentin to switch with me and he finally did.

And there was a giddy hostel manager named Vincent who kept kissing me and then asking if everything was good. And he brought billy water to soak his feet in and he was passing out fruit salad to all the pilgrims that came in which was kind of hilarious.

After a much deserved shower we ended up walking to closest bar possible and parking it for the night. It ended up being me, Billy, Quentin, this new German guy named Lucas and his guy from Malta whose name we all forgot but eventually figured out was Karl

And the whole night was spent making fun of Brenna because I was the only girl and the only American so the minority’s on two fronts.

I keep being teased for being American. Europeans are mean. 

One thought on “I Have Gotten Ahead Of Myself

  1. Brenna! More more please!

    Aare you freakin “insane” drinking BEER! You are in Spain! Loose the influence of the Brits! I’m dying here!

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