Walking the Camino

Alright dear readers and family members. Let me set a scene for you.

Imagine it’s crack of dawn early 5am and you have to roll out of bed. And then everyone is packing up their shit and being loud so there’s no chance you can sleep.

Then you get like a breakfast of bread or cookies or something. And then you start walking.

And your pinkie toes are being crushed in the shoes you spent $120 on. And the first steps are the worst but then you kind of get used to the constant pain of walking.

It’s cold in the morning and you are looking for signs for the Camino which could literally be anywhere. 

Usually it’s a yellow arrow like on the ground. Or maybe on a wall. Or a lamppost.

Or it could be a shell. Like a picture or a mark in the road. Or like a metal shell on the wall.

So there’s no really certainty at all. 

And then after like 2 hours you’ll get to a town and a bar will be open. So you can finally get a tortilla and an espresso which feels like lunch even though it is probably 8am.

And that’s the best cause you can say hey to all the people a few minutes ahead and behind you.

Then it starts to get hot. 

So you still have more than half of the walk left and it suddenly gets sweaty. And this is when your feet start to get sore on top of all the blisters and shit. And your leg muscles are burning.

But the days are great. And I made up a Camino song. And the hostels and chill and I can drink cheap sangria. So life is good.

More notes to come after I’ve enjoyed this pool. 

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