Estella-Los Arcos-La Groño

I have been slacking hard core on my posts. I’m sorry grandma. But I am alive barely and very very happy. 

This post is brought to you in part by Compeed. 

Which I have the definition of a love/hate relationship with. The stuff is shit but for some reason I keep buying it and putting it on.

My feet have died and risen. 

I took to walking in the sandals which are too small just like my Solomans are too small. And damn that man at REI who was completely unhelpful on that front!!

But it’s getting better. 

So on the way to Los Arcos we lost Nivas because Billy was going very slowly.

Also at one point we were talking and Billy thought a celebrity roast was when celebrities sat down to dinner together

Oh the Brits are so cute. 

This night was great because we ran back into Quentin from France. And he stayed with us at a donativo and taught me how to play this French card game call Tarro (?) I dunno how to spell it and then he made us all pasta!

So basically I’m in love with him. 

And then after dinner we found Emily and David! And we got some wine and drank it in a piazza.

The next day we walked from Estrella to Los Arcos. 

So Billy was getting better. Slowly. And we set out as a group. And at about 8am we passed this fountain that spit out wine. So I had a shell full.

Or two. 

Rosie and Mark had been talking about going even farther on the day so when we got to LOS ARCOS after a long day of walking so Billy and I grabbed a hostel at my mothers recommendation.

Mother your Camino was much more bougie than mine! 

We ended up at this posh hostel and then everyone decided to stay at the municipal hostel. So we ended up spending the night there and still had to spend to stay at the posh place my mom had circled. lol. I took a nap under a tree and then Erin from New York made us Mediterranean food which was incredible. And we all played cards again.

I didn’t get like any sleep that night.

And then I was so pissy the next day and poor billy kept trying to talk to me on the way and I was just like “…don’t talk to me”. And I just knew I was grumpy and I couldn’t get over it. We finally got to La Groño and got a place in a church building run by nuns. And I took a nap and then was in a much better mood. 

Then we found Emily and David! 

Thank god because I fucking love them so much and I miss them every time they leave.

And Emily was basking for money (that’s like playing music for money to the Americans). She had spent a whole Camino a few years past playing to earn her money and so I joined because I love it.

And we made like 30 euros. 

Which paid for our tapas and sangria for the night which was amazing. We sang some Irish drinking songs in honor of David.

It was an amazing night. 

3 thoughts on “Estella-Los Arcos-La Groño

  1. Brenna, I just got clued in to your return to blogging (I loved following your Malaysian adventures). Once again you’re having quite the experience and do a great job relaying it! Keep on truckin’! Margaret

  2. Oh. my darling Brenna — yo make me smile — and laugh — I do love your posts..are you that close to France or did I read things incorrectly..Enjoy — your feet do expand as your walk — even your G knows that — love you —

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