The First Cry Of The Camino 

And it’s only day four! 

We awoke to tragedy.

It’s 3am and we had been sleeping in somewhat comfort…well…a lot of rocks in my side. And then we just hear Emily go

Someone stole my bag

And it was the worst. Because her passport and everything was in it. So she goes off with David to find the police and in the meantime Nivas finds her wallet that she had somehow just left on the ground. It’s a miracle. 

So she has her money but no passport and only a sleeping bag and her shoes. But in a truly amazing feat of human endurance she sucked it up and set off to work figuring it all out. Her and David went to go to the italian embassy. Nivas set off ahead. And at that point in the morning Billy and I had decided just to go up one city and then stay there because Billy was just in a rough place.

So we had to say goodbye to Emily, Nivas, and David with all the expectation that we would carry on one day behind them for the rest of the trip. 

Emily and David were actually dead set on making it to Puenta La Reina so we were just sure this was the end.

So Billy and I set off and we get one town in and Billy is just like “well I can probably make it” so we continue on to the next town and then there Billy was like “I can keep going” so we finally just admitted that we could totally make it to Puento La Riena so we were just like fuck it lets go. 

And we march up a fucking huge hill and then eventually we reach this amazing top and we see the group of Australians and Scottish Mark and British Rosie. We were so happy and we all took this amazing photo.

And then we mosied on down the hill and it was like way hard than we expected but we were just like “fuck it” and we kept being like “I wonder how excited Nivas will be when she sees us”. And so that kept us modivated all the way till we get to the hostel and we see Nivas and I was so fucking excited! I like ran to her and it was amazing.

And then Billy and I passed the fuck out. 

And we wake up, I go to get some bandages for my aching feet and then Nivas and I find Billy waking up from his nap, we all sit down at a bar, get a beer and then

Walking down the street we see Emily and David. 

And we are like “Oh MY GOD!” And then Emily turns around and points and she is

Carrying her backpack.

So what happened was that she went to the embassy and it was closed and then finally David convinced her to ask another police officer. So she described her bag and he calls it in and then goes “yeah. We have it”

And the only thing that was stolen was her phone. Which is no big deal.

And then Emily and David sat down and ordered a beer.

And that’s when I cried. 

Tears of joy. Because this was an insanely beautiful moment.

And minutes later when we went into a church I cried more because this world is amazing. Things are so perfect. We had dinner and got some nice bottles of wine.

And then I spent like a solid 30 minutes setting up a hospital where I treated Billy’s feet and like stuck him through with needles and Megan the nurse from Boston talked him down so he could handle the pain.

This trip is already magical. And I don’t even mind having to squeeze shit out of other people’s blisters. 


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