I Got Blisters On Me Fingers! (Toes)

I am so blistered and bruised. And sore out of my mind. 

But I’m happy as hell.

The third day was gonna be challenging because we were gettin to Pamplona during the Festival of San Fermin and basically we were fucked for accommodations anywhere we would go. We could possibly stay before or after the city but the one before was most likely full (and it was when we finally arrived) and Billy would probably not make it to the town after. 

Poor boy is still limping along. But he’s a trooper. 

But my favorite thing about Emily is that she just goes “fuck it” so we set up crazy ass early.

I mean 5am early.

With really no plan and all intention of sleeping on the streets. (Which was exactly what happened) 

 I stayed back with Billy and kept him modivated by singing every single song I know the words too. 

In comparison to his sore butt I am a freaking ball of uncontainable energy. I mean what else is new. 

So I spent the day dancing around him and it was a long trek. We reached the town right outside Pamlona and we are sitting at the bar drinking much diserved beer and commiserating over our battle beaten feet when a group of Spaniards come over.  And because Emily is amazing and can speak like every language she asks there plan for San Fermin and they say they will walk to Pamplona and get a bus one city ahead to get accommodation. Then ride back in for the festivities. 

And because the temptation of the bus it so great we start thinking….okay we could do that. Bus out for lodging and bus back in to continue in the morning. So we set off for Pamplona with the intention of getting on at the bus station. 

But then our pilgrim hearts start being like “what the hell are u doing”  (being ironic with the whole “pilgrim heart” thing, mom) and we realize that taking the bus would be cheating! And we are not cheaters. And also we would be using the bus to get ahead of people that had been walking and would be taking their beds. Which is just not okay! 

So instead we dragged our feet into Pamplona. I was literally dragging Billy by the end–who, may I add, is a good foot and a bit taller than me) with all the intention of just getting drunk at San Fermin and then figuring out what to do from there. 

And that’s what we did.

We had a serious blast just dancing around the streets and trying some tapas. And then (like previously mentioned) we dragged our bags to the park and passed out like all the other drunk Spaniards. 


Ps. David’s pun of the day: (when talking about a guy who got held up in a church) “guess he was nun the wiser”. My lord I love that man. 

2 thoughts on “I Got Blisters On Me Fingers! (Toes)

  1. Brenna – You rock, girl! Sleeping in the park, was just what you were supposed to do. Are you giving Billy arnica? I love the picture of you singing every song you know and dancing around Billy all day. I can almost feel you feeling your freedom. Love you boo!

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