It Gets Worse

The second day was worse. 

And I was expecting the second day to be easier but it fucking wasn’t.

Well the terrain was easier but my feet took it harder. And we started off the day well enough but Billy was really struggling cause his legs were just all fucked up so he was hobbling at this slow pace, but he’s my fvorite person I’ve met so far and I kept thinking if I went ahead and left him then I would be so sad. And really the only reason to rush would be to be more certain to get beds…but who really cares. We were still with Emily, David (her boyfriend), and Nivas (from Slovenja) and heading for Larrasoaña.

This is morning of the second day. And this was also the day that Billy And I sang both parts of the whole “Elephant Love Medley” from Moulin Rouge as we walked.

Suffice to say we’ve been having a blast together. 

We finally got to Zubiri which is the town a few km before Larrasoaña  and by the time we all took our shoes off and got a beer we had all convinced ourselves to just stay there instead. Plus the chances of Billy making it any further at that point were slim to none. 

The poor boy is like limping along at this slow pace and it’s so funny, and also sad. But mostly funny. 

Sorry Billy. 

And Emily and I go to check out the albergue and they have rooms so we’re heading back with the good news to the rest of the group when we see a bunch of pilgrims come wandering into the town. And we’re both like “shit they may take our beds” 

So in typical American “get ahead” fashion we start running to everyone like LETS GO! And we race back to the albergue and of course there are so many beds. And then Emily and I felt really stupid and stereotypical so we vowed never to do that again.

Zubiri had this super beautiful river and we just went down to chill in that for a bit and then on our way up we ran into Rob! From the beginning of the trip who we hadn’t seen since and it was so awesome! He had walked past Rancesvalles on the first day which is just a feat I cannot understand from a diabetic man of probably like 55.


Emily and Nevas made us all dinner together. Actually they cooked enough for an army so we were just doling out pasta to all the other pilgrims and we all drank wine and pulled string through Billy’s blisters.

Ps.  Mom, my backpack is like nothing. I’m already used to the weight and could’ve totally brought more shit. Lol.


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