Sorry, I Don’t Speak French

I made my first friend on the plane on the way to Biarritz (yes mom, you told me) but unfortunately I left my first friend shortly thereafter. 

It began in the Paris airport when I was approached by a friendly young French man (of course) named Oscar who was heading to Riga, Latvia. And he asked me where I was going and then if I was with the girl who I had sat down next to and I said “no” which prompted the necissary introduction to Ellen from Canada who lo and behold was on the same flight as me! 

Hold up this bus ride is beautiful so Imma come back to this blog post in a hot second.  

  And then “what seat are you?” “24E” “I’m 24F!” And that’s how I ended up spending 2 hours with Ellen from Canada and remembered that people are nice and that I am not in fact socially inept and I can carry on a conversation with a complete stranger.  

After a nice talk with Oscar from France who most definitely initially started talking to me because I’m beautiful. Typical. Me and Ellen boarded our plane. 

And I made my plane to Biarritz

Which I was worried about, but turned out to be totally no big deal. When I got there however…that’s when my plans became a great big nothing. 

But Ellen was going into Spain to work at this camp and this guy was supposed to come and pick her up! So after a little bit of waitin and wondering this guy shows up and I’m basically like “hey, she thought maybe you could help me get to St. Jean”

Let me clarify that there are two St. Jeans. There is St. Jean de Luz and St. Jean Pied de Port which is the right one. 

But that was way out of his way but he said he could drop me at some little town that was on a different Camino path…and then for a second I was gonna be like “yeah” and I even walked to the car with them like “yeah, I can do whatever” but then I started to get disappointed that I wasn’t going to St. Jean and I was like…wait nah I’ll just try to get to the right one. Who knows. 

So the I got on a bus to Bayonne which is nearby Biarritz and that was easy. And then I got to the train station and they had pilgrim tickets to the right St. Jean. So I bought me one of those.

And then I went in search of bathrooms but it turns out that in France they camouflage the bathrooms so they look like the wall! So after an embarrassing couple of minutes wandering around looking for bathrooms that are supposed to be right here! Someone just appears from a magic door and I’m like…oh that’s how it works. Also bathrooms in the France have an exit button and no door handles so if u can’t tell that it’s an exit button because it is labelled in French and you don’t speak French then you will have a momentary panic attack when you think you are trapped in a scary dark bathroom that everyone probably thinks is just a wall. 

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