The Not Official Camino Packing List

This packing list was brought to you in part by Old Navy



#packinglight #packingREALLYlight

And in truly Brenna-worthy style it is the day before I am leaving for the Camino and I have been packing for about 3 hours. Lucky for me, my mother has done this trip before and happened to have many of the things that I need, including a fancy light sleeping bag and the happy purple backpack that I will carry everything I need.

And the rule of this trip has been: 

Pack Light!

And that is the only rule! 

Everything must be practical, comfortable, necessary, but I also have to be able to toss anything at any given moment when I decide that it’s too heavy and not worth the pain on my back to lug around with me.

Oh boy!

So the (non) Official Camino Packing List of this gypsy gypsy traveller is as follows:

3 Shirts (2 tanks, 1 tshirt)
4 Bottoms (2 shorts, 1 pair of yoga pants, 1 pair of leggings)
1 Rain Jacket
3 Pairs of fancy hiking underwear (that I had to shell out $20 for each! Goodness gracious REI have some pity on the poor traveller)
2 Sports bras
1 8ft Towel (probably gonna be cut up later)
1 Hat
2 Knee braces (because I am an old woman obviously)
1 Pair of walking shoes (Salomon is the brand that I have chosen and they are bomb as hell)
1 Pair of good sandals (for drying my weary feet after a long day)
1 Day pack (that’s my little backpack that folds into itself until it’s practically nothing–this was one of my Christmas gifts because I’m a big traveling dork)
1 Passport
1 Camino Guide Book (John Brierley’s A Pilgrim’s Guide to the Camino de Santiago)
1 Headlight (for when I decide to spontaneously go treasure hunting obviously)
1 Sleeping bag


For my smaller essentials I’m bringing

Sunscreen (because it’s going to be boiling hot lava in Spain)
Arnica (that would be homeopathy for soreness)
Bandaids, Neosporin, and Compeed (for the inevitable blisters)
Sleeping Pills (because of snoring)
Ear plugs (also because of snoring–not my own, other people’s)
Eye Mask
Leuko tape (for taping my bandaids to my feet)
Needle and thread (because what you do is bring pull the string through your blisters and then leave it in to drain out all the puss and shit–oh this is just so lovely)
Vaseline (to rub all over my feet. all the time. every day.)

I’m anticipating reaching the peak of my personal sexiness over the course of this trip. With pussing blisters, burnt skin, and smelly clothes that I’ve been sweating in for 40 freaking days. 

So where is my head?

To be honest,

It still hasn’t really dawned on me. I actually bought my ticket from Paris to Biarritz yesterday.

So the moral of the story is that my traveling mindset is just kind of like: well fuck it. It’s probably going to be fine.

Doesn’t this sound like the way I was thinking going into Malaysia? Don’t I keep telling myself “hey Brenna, why don’t you prepare for these trips where you are alone in a foreign country!

Because I guess I go through life with some sort of little belief that everything is going to be okay.

So why the Camino?

Because honestly I need a break. I’m 21 and at that point in my life where everything seems to be happening at once. Everyone seems to be going everywhere and nowhere all at the same time and sometimes it’s just like I’m in the middle of this maddening race and all I can think is

Where the hell am I going? 

So I’m not trying to expect perfection. I can’t let myself set my sights too high for this trip. But I need a little pause. I need to make friends with myself again.

So here goes nothing.

Estoy Lista. Probably. 


3 thoughts on “The Not Official Camino Packing List

  1. I’m not sure how much “slow down” this will be..but, it should provide a break. I will be following you..and sending love..

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