im pretty much constantly behind on writing this so I keep forgetting the names of the places we’ve been. Besides everywhere in the Meseta really feels the same.  So the morning out of Carrion we were prepared for the worst because this was the morning with a 17k stretch of nothing.  No towns. No bars. No water. Nothing for miles. Only the warriest of travelers dare … Continue reading Teradillos-Bercianos

Oh Burgos, Let Me Count The Ways I Love Thee

The title of this post in inspired by Marks undying love for this city.  Erin had hyped us up about Burgos because she had actually lived there for a year about a decade ago. On a totally random and pointless side note: I totally miss normal bras. I wish I had brought at least one. My life is spent in the same 2 sports bras … Continue reading Oh Burgos, Let Me Count The Ways I Love Thee