Last Stop: Australia

So we spent one night in KAB and actually got to meet up with Emily and Shawn because they were there for one night as well. And Ha Sang who was about to leave as well for more travelling on his own. And Baderol came for the night. He’s the Malaysian guy that Leigh and Vicky had met and he had made Emilie this seriously amazing knife with the head of a loon on the handle (cause she’s from Canada, obviously)

And we got some tea with him and then I decided that he should take my guitar, Big Red, for me because I wasn’t going to make the effort to bring it all the way back to the states when I had another great guitar at home. But Big Red was amazing and definitely cured some homesickness for me, and helped me write some good songs so cheers to Big Red!



So then we left KAB for the last time! So many tears were shed.

And we were off to Australia!

No more Asia for me and the change was immediate. Imagine being in a place where everyone speaks English and everything is at least 3 times the price. And you can safely drink the tap water!

And Lenny had booked us in the “party hostel” at Kings Cross and this was shitty because I was feeling sick!

Oh there was so much drama! 

In the airport I was feeling pretty shitty and had been sick and we were at the counter checking into our flight and I had literally just texted my mom a long list of my symptoms so she could give me a remedy when I got super dizzy and then I fainted! Of course I don’t remember it because the next thing I know I’m super disoriented and I just hear “Brenna! Brenna!” and then just like the movies, I open my eyes and Lenny’s face is right there except I like didn’t recognize him at first and he’s like “you fainted” and I’m like “What?” because that has literally never happened to me before in my whole life. And then I notice that there are a bunch of people around and they are all staring at me and some panicking chinese man is like “you were seizing” so I stand right up like “don’t worry I’m fine”

And I faint again! 

And then it’s the same thing and Lenny is like “you fainted again” and then he tells me not to stand up right away which was definitely a good idea. And there’s like a concerned crowd and the AirAsia guy had jumped over the counter. Which is all pretty embarrassing actually. And then I took it easy, but on the plane I felt I was gonna puke and like the whole wait staff got involved in making sure I was okay, which was also pretty embarrassing.

Long story short, it was not the best time to be in a party hostel.

So the first day we take a nap because neither of us slept on the flight and then we go out at night in search of the harbor. And we walk in the complete opposite direction. 

We much have gotten turned around or something, because when we eventually found where we were on the map we were a good 10 blocks in the completely wrong direction. But we got some good pizza which tasted especially good because we hadn’t had decent pizza in ages.

But the next day we made it to the Circle Quay. 


And I thought that the opera house wouldn’t be that exciting but I was wrong! And seeing it was actually incredible. I think that building has some really good energy because every time I saw it on this trip I got excited about it. And then right across it was the harbor bridge.


And so we hung around there for pretty much the whole day and we took a nap in this nice park. And then at night we wandered around for what felt like forever and got Lenny a steak.

We went back to the pier at night and it was super cold so we drank hot chocolate near a heater.


And then the next day we went to the zoo!


That’s a Red Panda!

I was so freaking excited, because those are my favorite animals. My spirit animal actually. And the whole zoo was really nice. It wasn’t like the usually commercially zoos filled with souvenir shops and swirly suckers (unfortunately about the later), but more just animals. And I saw a kangaroo and koala so I feel like I have been in Australia properly. And then I left the zoo feeling kind of like this:


Then the next night we went to Bondi Beach! Which I was excited about because I really love beaches.

So we didn’t want to pay for the stupid trains because it’s like more than 3 dollars to go only a few stops.  So we walked for a long time and then finally got on a bus after a little bit of struggle and made it safely to Bondi. I was missing riding buses anyway. Just kidding. 


And there were actually people out swimming and surfing in this maddening cold weather. But we didn’t swim because we are sane and instead sat and got all sandy because everyone enjoys that.

But I did get sushi and then we walked a long ways more and went back into the city to get dinner. And then at this point we had an established nightly tradition where we would buy some snacks at a grocery store and then bring them into this closed down shopping center because it was warm.

That night Lenny insisted we buy goon which is like really cheap boxed wine in Australia, so we did, and it was shit. As expected. 

Then, the next day Lenny’s mom and her friend Lisa came into Sydney and we met them and then we did the circle Quay and Opera House again with them, which was still cool the second time. And Lenny’s mom loves to tell stories just like Lenny does which was cute and she’s been reading this whole blog too, so yay for people reading my blog!

Love you Grandma!

She brought hidden valley ranch dressing with her and so me and Lenny ate pizza with ranch and felt like kings. It was a good night.

And the next day we went to Manly Beach because I had seen a pretty picture of it and decided that was a place I wanted to go. And it was awesome!


And there were like pine trees around there so we walked a bit around the bay. We really loved walking. The whole Sydney trip was just so much walking!

We got Thai food for dinner and neither Lenny or I were satisfied because obviously we had eaten thai food in Thailand and the comparison just isn’t there.

And then Lenny, his mom and Lisa had to catch a cab to the airport because they are continuing their international travels in Australia, New Zealand and more of Asia. And I had to say goodbye to Lenny, which still makes me really sad thinking about it. I mean, it was only like 4 hours ago. So now I have this nice hotel room that my dad got for me because I was sick and I need sleep before my long flight tomorrow.

The adventure ends tomorrow folks. And I’ll probably have some long summary post, but for now I’m watching Tarzan. And getting much needed sleep for my long flight!!



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