Brenna And Lenny Do India

This message brought to you by Air Asia, the cheapest airline in the world. 

So, in case you forgot, me and Lenny had found flight to Kochi, India for about 100USD round trip and we had gotten visas from KL after many back and forth trips to the India Visa place and they were sexy.


I had forgotten to add that as Lenny and I are leaving Bali we met up with Ha Sang who was supposed to meet us but never actually made it Gili and the three of us got on the same flight home. And then we get to KL and we only have like a few hours until we would be back in the airport to go to India and then we’re like screw it and we decide to take a cab back to KAB and get a night’s sleep in our own beds before we go.

So then we flew to Kochi! 

And it’s night so we get a cab to our homestay and are greeted by probably the cutest little Indian man ever and then we go right to sleep.

The first day we met our first our first Indian friend.


The first day we mostly just lay around and walk a bit around the Fort Kochi area. Lenny was feeling kind of sick so we had to take it easy for him and honestly the area was pretty small and so there wasn’t a lot for us to do. Though the Indian food was seriously incredible. IMG_3686

Lenny got addicted to the Paneer Butter Masala which is a dish with lots of yummy spices and some fried cheese. I got the variety of Indian dishes which were amazing.

Kochi was right on the coast and there was a beach and these Chinese fishing nets that they put out right in the water.

The second day we walked a long way to get to this recommended lunch place and then that night we went to this Kerala traditional indian show.


The first thing they did was demonstrate the way that the large indian man can move his eyes around and make crazy faces. Then they did this long dance to this music that sometimes sounded like noise and sometimes was really freaking loud. The whole thing was kind of chaos.

Then the next day we went on a houseboat cruise on the Kerala back waters and honestly I was so beautiful.


But the crazy part of it was that the boat didn’t have a motor and instead this small skinny indian man stuck a huge bamboo pole into the water and just pushed the whole boat with that. We actually went like 2 miles an hour through the canals and stuff, and honestly I fell asleep for the last leg of the trip.


And we stopped to see these lotus plants, and this paint-making place, and this rope-making place and we also got a seriously good Kerala lunch so the thing was awesome.

We also bought a lot of fruit and got these weird Indian fruits and there was one that I can’t remember the name of that tasted like toffee and looked like this:


The next day we got a lot of free tuk-tuk rides by agreeing to let them take us to shops on the way and then the shops would pay the drivers for taking tourists to their shops. We drove all around the city with that deal and saw some buddhist temples and ended up buying a couples things, so maybe it wasn’t exactly profitable. We also got to see this stellar view of the city.

That last night we did the coolest thing by watching this show of Indian Music and these were real indian players and the music was so beautiful. They had one man playing the drums and then another singing and it sounded awesome. I’ll have to find a way to post the way that it sounded. Honestly, it was probably me and Lenny’s favorite thing on the trip and I had wished that we had done more things like that.

Overall, honestly we were a little bored at some times, but it was cool that we got to go to India and seriously the food alone was worth the trip.

Yay for India! 

And then we went back from one last night in KAB!





3 thoughts on “Brenna And Lenny Do India

  1. Brenna…just read the Australia entrée — LUV you, too — I never had the chance to read these at the end carefully — they are so great…LUV’U G

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