Gili T: Paradise Island

We get up at the crack of dawn (okay, maybe it’s like 7am, but it feels like the crack of dawn to Sleepy Marge) and get a bus to the ferry. Then we take this freezing boat ride and Sarah and Terese break out their ukuleles and play this Malaysian song, but the kicker is that the Indonesian workers also know the song and so obviously a big sing-a-long ensues.


And so we get to Gili Trawangan, this is the island that Lenny has been diving on for the past week. There are no motor vehicles on the island. They do have these little horse-drawn carts but we aren’t classy enough to ride in those. The island is fully of surfers and bums. It’s awesome.

We find Lenny and then proceed to basically bum it for the remainder of the trip. Lenny has been managing to live on the island for about $2 a day. The island is beautiful, and although the sky is a bit cloudy while we are there, we still opt for lots on beach laying.

That first night we find a great live band playing at a reggae bar and then we go back to Lenny’s little bit of paradise by the ocean to camp out for the night.


The next day was Sarah’s Birthday! Well, not technically Sarah’s birthday, but the day before, except she was going to be leaving on her actual birthday so instead we chose to celebrate it the day before.

And we got some seriously delicious pasta for the occasion and we got her all that we could buy on Gili T which was just a post card and a little bracelet.


It was nice to have something to celebrate and not linger on the fact that this was the last time we would all be together! (*crying inside*). And after a beautiful night sleeping right next to the beach again, we had to say goodbye to Terese, Joske and Sarah. Terese was going back to stay in Bali, Joske was going to do Cambodia and Vietnam, and Sarah was hitting Australia before going home.

I definitely cried when they all left. My roomies! :((



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